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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Remember this video?; Tomb Raider: 10th Anniversary Edition

(vid via EGMDemian)

This video from June 15, 2006, popped back in my head after I saw something on, it's about the new Tomb Raider game. I had seen that one screen shot here and there, but it wasn't until today that I recalled the above video.

I was impressed with what I saw then and was disappointed to hear the game was cancelled. The Lara Croft I see in the video looks very similar to the one in the screen shot, hmm. I'm not sure where I'm going with this, bottom line is I'm glad to hear the will be another Lara Croft game.

Check out the post from, here. Also there was a story from 1Up on this video which you can check out here.

Destroy All Humans! 2 Review

Woohoo, I luv reviews, especially when they are positive ones about a game I'm looking forward to playing. I like the way does it's reviews and I really like that I can embed them. To see more videos of this game head over to it's gamepage.

Splinter Cell Double Agent Wii 'Hands On'

(vid via doublespy)

I found this earlier today on, that thread contained a couple of links one to the above video and one to an article, and by now other blogs have posted it but like I said Neogaf is where I first saw it, believe.

Ok, how about that video, it was cool to see the picture in picture, the person controlling the game didn't seem to have any problems, I liked it. So far I've played every Splinter Cell game on different consoles, the first one on the GameCube (I wanted to take advantage of the GBA connectivity), the second one on PS2, and the third one Chaos Theory is sitting over there waiting to be played on my Xbox.

Which system will I played Double Agent on? Not sure but since it seems to control well on the Wii, that console will be an option, always nice to have options.

Monday, October 30, 2006

BitFlicks presents; Metroid

This site sure does nice entertaining videos, not to long not to short, but I do end up with a 'I want to see more' feeling at the end. If you would like to visit the site, click on through.

Tony Hawk playing his own upcoming Project 8 game with Tom Green

Cool, you just never know what will show up on Digg, which is where I found this video. Tony Hawk rules! I'm playing The first Tony Hawk right now and it rocks! It's been so long since I've played a PSone game, still holds up nicely against some of the other current gen games I've been playing, a real nice charm to it.

Sorry, back to the video, well title says it all, odd how it was added to Google Video on the 19th and it's from an Oct 10th appearance on Tom Green's online show, but I'm only hearing about it now, it shows never before seen footage, as far as know.

Most likely I'm the last one to see this video, my heads been somewhere for a while, starting to clear up. Oh here is the via, wait for it... [via]

RoboBlitz; Xbox 360 - Gameplay Demo

I get the feeling I've seen this posted on another blog, but I didn't stop to check it out until today, when I saw it on I've been out of it for a while, kinda feeling better, playing a new game, I'll update "Now Playing" a little later. Nice video demo, the game looks pretty good, looks fun, I'll probably check out if I get the chance. Visit Techeblog for more deets on this game.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Legend of Zelda (Wii) - Zelda Retrospective Part 3

This feature is doing is so great, really hits the spot. Wasn't too long ago that when life got me down I'd head for a donut shop, now I get comfort from video games, playing them and in this case watching them. I didn't know how far they were going after part one, but it seems we are in for a part 4 and maybe more? *crosses his fingers*

Btw, at the time of this posting this video has been everywhere but I first saw it at the source,, it's the first thing I do when I start my day, used to be turn on the TV, now it's turn on the PC and check the usual suspect for sweet vids. I just haven't had time to post it until now, hopefully my personal stormclouds will pass soon and I can slip back into my own private video game world that I share with you all.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Final Fantasy Friday; Final Fantasy XII Trailer 2

Well it looked like this day would come to a close with no FFXII vid to post, but then came through for me and posted this trailer, sweet. Well only four more day's for FF XII to arrive in stores. Should be a good time, I'm sure they'll be coverage of people waiting in line, always fun.

*Editor Warning Walter going off topic leave now*

Crazy week for me, don't want to bore you with the details, it's funny how reality sneaks up sometimes. Shake it off, get back up and move on, yep. Let's see, you know when the game is due and what system it's for, if you don't, PS2 and Oct 31st.

I'm going to crash now, and dream of a pretty blonde with a killer smile. Who? She knows who she is, a real heartbreaker. She's beautiful, a real angel, but if you want to try and guess you'll find her in the hottest Top 24 on Myspace, which is right here.

The Final Clover Interview on Video?

(vid via me)

I found this on who wrote; "It's a new video interview, with the adorable Atsushi Inaba. We're pretty sure this is his last ever Clover Studio interview but we're too emotional to care. Just watch!"

"Just two weeks ago today, it was announced that Inaba's Clover studio was to dissolve back into Capcom, and although it's sad to see the loss of his unique seal of quality, one thing you'll learn from this exclusive video interview is that he has no plans for that heritage to stop.

In what we believe is the last ever video interview with Mr Inaba in his role as CEO of the Clover business, you'll get new insight into his time working on everything from Viewtiful Joe to God Hand - and we're certain his talk about the future will cheer up any fan of Clover's games to date."

Read more from here and here.

Fab interview, there questions asked that knowing what I know makes them so revealing? I guess that's how you put it. The interviewer didn't know at the time what was about to happen to Clover but Atsushi Inaba must have, so when certain questions where asked, it was interesting to see his facial expressions know what I know now, then they meant nothing. As far as anybody knew. I luv his haircut btw, I need to mine like that.

The 5th Annual NAViGaTR Awards

I don't really like awards shows but this was good. Didn't really take itself too seriously, I like seeing the names behind the games, like who did the music or writing. That was cool, and seeing all my fav games honored was nice. I was also exposed to game I've never heard of, cool. They provide a link with this video, it's right here.

Btw I found this via a search for Halo, I never know what will pop up when I search Google Video. Hope you like it.

A Gears of War Christmas ?

(vid via tk409)

This is so funny I luv that song. I found it on Aeropause, who wrote; "This is a video that was made by an Epic employee last year as a holiday joke, and it’s finally made its way onto youtube so we all can enjoy it. It’s simple and cheesy, but funny none the less. Enjoy!"

I did enjoy it, I'm a little down and this picked up my spirits. Why am I down? Oh you know sh@t happens. Oh snap hope my don't see that, love you mom.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Laura Foy looks at Guild Wars Nightfall

Laura Foy from Microsoft 10 went to the launch party of Guild Wars Nightfall, where she spoke with the developers of the game. Here is a bit from her post;

"Coming your way Oct 27th. In Guild Wars Nightfall, the third campaign in the award-winning Guild Wars universe, you will never face danger alone. Not only can you group with any of millions of players worldwide, but now, for the first time ever, you'll be able to band together with customizable Heroes that will not only fight by your side, but level up with your character and follow your orders as you fight to hold back the night." Check out her full post here.

I luv Microsoft 10, especially when Laura does a segment, hey what can I say, she's a hottie. The rest of the 10 Team are pretty cool too, I'm just sayin'.

CES 1990 Local Video Game News Report

(vid via ARMspooie)

I luv seeing this kind of footage, I first saw this on, they wrote; "One of our forum regulars Spooie has given INTER-NET a glimpse into what game news was like before INTER-NET.
Basically its a local news report on the Consumer Electronics Show from 1990 featuring some hype on Moonwalker for Genesis, forthcoming Turbo Grafix 16 use of CD technology, and of course Super Mario 3…
Also keep an eye out for Nintendo hero Howard Phillips!"

I also saw it on, who wrote; " has posted a video of a local news station doing a report about the 1990 CES show. Pay special attention to the way the narrator says “Mario”. Wow, back in 1990 it looked like Nintendo could not be beaten. Every new product in this video fell to the power of Nintendo (though the Genesis was a very strong rival). Can Nintendo regain this golden child image that it once had? Time will tell I suppose. For now sit back and enjoy some sweet Howard Philips Bow-Tie action."

That Howard sure was popular, does seem like a nice guy, I wonder where he is now. Check out the full post from, here, and check out the full post from, here.

Two Sony PlayStation 3 Commercials

First; "Play B3yond - Capacity" (Blu-ray):

(vid via Honekai)

Second; "Play B3yond - Smarter" (Cell processor):

(vid via Honekai)

I found these videos on Joystiq, who wrote; "A pair of new PlayStation 3 ads are telling the same old story, and telling it well. The uninitiated might believe that Blu-ray's 50 GB capacity is necessary for next-gen gaming and that the Cell chip is "the future" of processing power, but are you buying it yet?"

Yes I am, I'm sold, thanks for asking. Heh heh, I'm silly.

Tony Hawks Project 8 Nail the Trick Gameplay

Tony rides again in a totally redesigned next-gen Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game from Activision. The game challenges players to experience the intensity and pressure of skating against some of the world's top pros in true to life competitions as they aim to become the #1 skater. [via IGN]

Nice real nice, the gameplay in this video looks fantastic. Although I did spot a little, I think they call it clipping? When the person controlling the skater, started to grind and went right through somebody, but this most likely wasn't the final version.

Also it's not clear which system this was being played on, PS3? Xbox 360? I want to play it, regardless. I picked up for free the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater for PSone, on, can't wait to play that. Once I knock that out play the THUG games, I'll be all caught up with current gen games and I'll be read for next gen Tony goodness. Will I have a next-system by then? Only time will tell.

Release Date:
US: November 09, 2006

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Trailer 3: "In So Deep"

(vid via RockstarGames)

Vice City, 1984. Opportunity abounds in a city emerging from the swamps, its growth fueled by the violent power struggle in a lucrative drugs trade. Construction is everywhere as a shining metropolis rises from foundations of crime and betrayal.

As a soldier, Vic Vance has always protected his dysfunctional family, his country, himself. One bad decision later and that job is about to get much harder. Kicked out onto the streets of a city torn between glamour and gluttony, Vic is faced with a stark choice - build an empire or be crushed.

Developed by Rockstar Leeds and series creators Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories arrives for PSP® system October 31st in North America, and November 3rd in the UK. [via RockstarGames]

Sweet, now a few words from me; I want a PSP and I want one now, thank you.

F.E.A.R. Weaponry and AI Interview

F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assault and Recon) is a first-person close-quarters combat game for the PC. The story begins when a paramilitary force infiltrates a multi-billion dollar aerospace compound, and the government responds by sending in Special Forces. The group loses contact with the government when an eerie signal interrupts radio communications--and when that interference subsides moments later, the team has been destroyed. That's where you come in. As part of a classified strike team created to deal with threats no one else can handle, your mission is simple: eliminate the intruders at any cost, determine the origin of the signal, and contain the potential crisis before it gets out of control.

This 360 version features brand new single player content, as well as brand new multiplayer content created to fully utilize Xbox Live. [via IGN]

Awesome footage shown during this interview, those slow motion effects look pretty sweet. I suppose it's been done, what was it called in that other game? Bullet time? Well anyway, I like it. Also available on; PC, PlayStation 3

Release Date:
US: November 21, 2006
Europe: November 1, 2006

Crysis (PC) In-Depth Video

(vid via Honekai)

A next-generation project by CryTek, makers of the dazzling FPS Far Cry. This game is running on the new CryENGINE 2 technology. The game is one of the the first announced to run on the advanced DirectX 10 architecture.

Set in 2019 after a colossal asteroid crashes to Earth, Crysis begins amidst a tense military standoff between the North Korean and United States governments for control of the impact zone. Amid rising tensions, the asteroid suddenly bursts open revealing a massive alien ship, which begins freezing vast portions of the island and altering the global weather system. The invasion of Earth has begun. Crysis features an epic three-act story of alien invasion where players are able to customize their armor and weapons in real time to confront an ever-changing enemy and a harsh, dynamic environment. [via IGN]

Fantastic video, I actually saw this on, but I didn't click on the video. Then I see it on YouTube today and it jogged my memory and I went back to, to make sure I got the link so I could 'via' them. In my own way, so if you want to see where I first saw this video, click on through.

Release Date: On PC
US: Q1 2007
Europe: January 1, 2007

PlayStation 3 In-Home Demonstration

Awwww, they look like they are having so much fun. May I join you guys? Oh heck. I found this on, and some of the comments were not favorable. I like this though, it's not in you face, it's just beautiful. Did you see the way PS3 started? So shiny, how about the TV, wholly onion dip Batman. Huh?

If you want to see the where I found out about this video, click on through.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Tina Wood looks at Hellgate: London

(vid via me)

Tina Wood from Microsoft 10 looks at Hellgate London, she wrote; "So, one of my favorite things to do whether I'm working or not is to visit video game companies. A few of my favorites are Epic Games, Red Octane, and now Flagship Studios. Which is located just off the water in beautiful San Francisco." "I sat down with their Chief Visionary Officer David Brevik and if any of you are Diablo fans, he not only named the game but was one of the masterminds behind it. He also talks openly about his road to Flagship Studios." Check out the full post here.

Very nice talk with David Brevik, who to me kind of looks like Donald Sutherland. Not familiar with Hellgate: London, neither am I, excuse me while I 'google' it. Found something, here it is.

"Hellgate: London combines the depth of role-playing games and action of first-person titles, while offering infinite playability with randomly created levels, items and events. The player creates a heroic character, completes quests and battles through innumerable hordes of demons to advance through experience levels and branching skill paths. A robust, flexible skill and spell system, highly customizable appearances and a massive variety of randomly generated equipment allow players to create their own unique hero." [via IGN]

Release Date: PC only :(
Europe: October 13, 2006

Virtua Tennis 3; PS3 Gamers Day Visuals and Gameplay Interview

Take on the world'’s greatest tennis stars on any court surface worldwide; with newly added players and improvements to the game'’s AI, Virtua Tennis 3 has upped the challenge to becoming the top seed of the tennis world. In Career Mode, gamers will travel the world and take on the biggest stars of the tennis world. Improvements to the Player Creation Mode allow gamers to customize their own tennis star with increased detail like never before. [via]

The game does look pretty sweet, especially on those smokin' hot Sony 1080p Bravia televisions. I wasn't there, the deets on the TV's were provided by Jessica Chobot on the recent IGN Weekly preview.

Release Date:
US: Q2 2007
Japan: June 30, 2007
Also Available On: Arcade, Xbox 360

Downhill Jam Wii-mote VS. Project 8 SixAxis Comparison Video

Pretty cool, whoever is using the Wiimote is doing a lot better than whoever is using the Sixaxis. Ok, how about some deets on these two games? Cool first Downhill Jam.

"Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam is a break from the normal Tony Hawk game. Rather than giving you an open world and strict skating-based goals, this Toys For Bob-developed Nintendo Wii game is really more of a racing game, almost of a mascot variety, that combines Tony Hawk-style skate tricks and a fast-paced downhill racing game with shortcuts, combat, and more." Release Date: Nov 19, 2006 [via Gamespot]

Now some deets on Project 8; "Tony Hawk's Project 8 attempts to take the Tony Hawk series and toss away as much of the underlying technology as possible. For the last seven games, each one seemed to build bit by bit off of the last, reusing the same animation and rendering technology. Old systems and new hardware apparently don't mix. Project 8 is being developed with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in mind right from the get-go. Will a deep overhaul reinvent the series?" Release Date: Nov 17, 2006 [via Gamespot]

Oh btw I saw this video on, Joystiq. Which do I want to play? Both, they both look like fun. Which do you want to play first?

Gears of War - 12 minutes ingame footage

(vid via ossianbg)

Well here is another one of those videos that for some reason I'm posting probably last. Makes me think of Bill Murray in Stripes, when it's pointed out to him that somehow he's always last, to which Murray replies, "I'm pacing myself", funny line.

Sorry going off topic, um oh yes the video, well I saw it all around the interweb, but it wasn't 'till I saw it hit Kotaku that I finally looked at it and wow, real nice. Just one little question, why are they not wearing helmets? They are covered from neck to toe in protective gear, but not their heads. I also noticed that in another game, but I don't want to go into some kind of rant, I'm just wondering.

For details on Gears of War head over to

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Rainbow Six: Vegas Demo Video

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas, a new tactical shooter for the Xbox 360 and PS3. As the title suggests, the game will take place in the glamorous city of Las Vegas--specifically, you'll play as Logan Keller, the current leader of the elite military squad known as Team Rainbow, on a hostage rescue mission. A civilian VIP named Dr. Schmidt has apparently been taken hostage in one of the glitziest resorts on the strip, along with a group of other civvies who are being held hostage by (wait for it) crazed terrorists armed to the teeth. The terrorists have made it known that they're playing for keeps and have threatened to kill one hostage every hour until their demands are met (or until they're all shot in the head by an elite military squad, whichever comes first). [via Gamespot]

That was a little info on the game, in case you haven't seen the video, it's the first 5 minutes of the demo. Do you like watching other people play games? I do, I like to watch... cheeky. Seriously, it looks like fun, I like that, cover system I think it's called. You know, when your character hits the wall and comes out of first person and slides into third. Real nice, he shoots and reloads and takes headshots, it's beautiful. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas Release Date: Nov 14, 2006

Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire (PS3) 'Explosion' ( GamePlay )

(vid via doublespy)

Featuring a variety of Mobile Suits from the Gundam franchise, "Mobile Suit Gundam" sets players in the latter stages of The One Year War. Players have the opportunity to be a commander of their own Mobile Suit battalion for either the Federation or Zeon Mobile Suit Assault Force. As players move through the ranks, they are able to gain access to new Mobile Suits and engage in battles with more capable pilots at their command.

With a battalion at their disposal, players face a number of strategic options to choose from. In order to succeed, it will be vital for players to know about specific destructible parts on Mobile Suits, vulnerable enemy facilities and whether or not to engage enemies with either short or long range combat. Teamwork will also be a key component to the survival of every mission. If players are successful, their chosen allegiance could be the turning point for the war in Mobile Suit Gundam. [via IGN]

Would this be considered a mech game? Well I like it, looks like a blast, heh heh, not funny? Ok. Quick that's what they are, me? I've got brains, don't play me the fool. What are you doing Walt? Ending this post, look we deal, right? We're partners. Deal was I wouldn't delete you, after all I've done for you... and scene. That was just a few words/lines taken/added completely out of context, from The Road Warrior, one of my fav films. I'm in a silly mood, kinda feel like singing, maybe later. Stay tuned, ha ha ha, sorry.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire Release Date:
US: November 17, 2006

A Wii Adventure by Dan Flynn

This video is so f@#%ing fantastic, Dan should get a Wii for this, and Nintendo should make this into a commercial. Here are a few words from the info next to this video on Google Video; " Aryll finds an interesting object while fishing in the ocean... Unfortunately, this means bad things for Link."

I'm most likely the last blog to post this; I first saw it on Kotaku, yesterday, but my plate was full. I had my posts all lined up and ready to go, didn't really want to change 'em. So I set it aside for today. It's all good, plenty to go around for everybody. Yes many Zelda fans out there. Many? Yes many, would you say there was a plethora of Zelda fans out there? Hmm, sure there's ah a ah plethora. Walter? Yes, what is a plethora? Why? Well I would like to think that when a person uses a word that they know what it means. Your just picking on me 'cause you haven't, you know, in a loooooong time. Yep you called that one.

Btw, that plethora bit is from The Three Amigos, another fav film. "One for each other and all for one, the Three brave Amigos are we." "Brother to Brother and everyone, a brave amigo." That song rocks.

Thrillville - Music Interview

Amanda Mackay from, talks to Jesse Harlin and David Collins, composer and sound designer/VO Director for Thrillville. She wants to know about the music in the game, it's a fun interview, but the main reason I posted it was 'cause of Amanda. For deets on this game visit, I'm going to talk about Amanda while you do that.

She's so very very, and she knows it too, that's hot. Knowing I was going to post this Amanda video, has put me in a good mood. Oh Amanda (get ready Walt's gonna sing);

"I only wanna make it good, so if I love ya a little more than I should, please forgive me, I know not what I do" "I can't stop lovin' you, don't deny me this pain I'm going through, if I need ya like I do." "Please believe me every word I say is true." Amanda.

[Bryan Adams;› Please Forgive Me]

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Legend of Zelda (Wii) - Zelda Retrospective Part 2

"This is so cool, a nice look at The Legend of Zelda. I'm not the most hardcore gamer around but I do really like Zelda, I can't wait for part two." I wrote that on Saturday, October 14, 2006, and now part 2 is here, sweet.

My opinion? It rocks, great video, and very popular. I'm pretty sure I'm one of the last blogs to post it, too busy playing Dark Cloud, I'm not even going to tell you how many hours I've spent on it, nope ain't gonna do it.

I don't want it to end, but it will Sunday. Monday I start playing a new game, actually it's been out a while but it will be the first time I've played it, not counting demos. Oh you mean the demo, I SAID NOT TO COUNT DEMOS! Walter? Yes? Are you ok?

Have I ever been? Not as long as I've known you, but have you know me as long as I've know you, what? Exactly.

Video Games in development; ICO & Shadow of the Colossus

First video is; ICO's demo reel.

(vid via xenogigas)

Second video is; Shadow of the Colossus tech demo.

(vid via ShadowRaven)

The first video is "Ico in it's original form for the Playstation. The game was then delayed and retooled for the PS2." According to the person who added it to YouTube. There is an entry in Wikipedia, which gives more detail on the video and game.

The second video is "the full Nico trailer. Nico was originally a sequel to the game Ico. But it was later changed and became the game Shadow of the Colossus." According to the person who added it to YouTube. I found an entry for Shadow of the Colossus in Wikipedia, that offers a slightly different explanation of what the second video is. I like it regardless.

Hope you like these two videos as much as I did.

Silent Hill - Usagi

Silent Hill - Usagi
Uploaded by NoirJet

Usagi is a feature from "Lost Memories: The Art and Music of Silent Hill", "Released only in New York, it is a second and most popular multimedia DVD. Divided into seven sections, it contains full soundtracks, trailer collections, artwork, renders and creature galleries from all three games as well as additional music videos: Ki-no-ko, Fukuro, Usagimu and video with Heather performing the song 'You're Not Here' from SH3 OST." [via Wikipedia]

"Lost Memories: The Art and Music of Silent Hill" was reviewed by; Michael Johnson, Games Editor for Monsters at play, who wrote; "The other feature here is called "Usagi", which probably won't mean anything until you realize that this piece is referring to the bloody rabbit mascot from Silent Hill 3. Oh yeah!"

"This short music video, directed by Takayashi Tanaka and set to another original tune from Akira Yamaoka, finds Usagi prancing about the nightmare world of Silent Hill 3. One moment Usagi is riding an elevator, head twitching all the way, and the next moment he's wheeling around one of his brothers on a hospital gurney. It's very weird and very cool, and reveals a seldom-seen playful side of Team Silent's developers."

This video is so odd, I get such strange feeling when I see images from any of the Silent Hill games. That rabbit is up to no good, you'd better believe it. Well this sure is the right month for this kind of video huh? I have to get that DVD according to the review and the Wiki entry, there is a lot more awesome content to see, groovy.

Mega64: Ico

(vid via RoccoB64)

Another great skit from, the following is from the info provided with this video on YouTube; "Mega64's Ico skit from the Version 2 DVD. A tale of friendship more timeless than the game itself."

Very funny, I'm a huge ICO fan, and I really liked this.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Final Fantasy Friday; President of Square Enix Interview

The President of Square Enix, Daishiro Okada, talks about his experiences with the Final Fantasy series and what XII has in store for everyone. [via]

Looks like a good guy, Final Fantasy XII is just around the corner, I wonder if I'll keep doing this friday FF post till then, lots of content out there. I like doing this as long as I find something FF related, I'll post it here.

Mega 64: Prince of Persia- Sands of Frustration

" The Prince's struggle continues, and he faces his final challenge: gathering sand. Hilarity ensues." That's from the info next to this video, and here is the link I found there as well,, very funny. I found this video on, and I feel funny putting a period after .com, so I'll put it here.

Xbox 360 TS Epoxy Removal Video

(vid via modfreakz)

"Modfreakz has created a great little video which shows how to remove the epoxy on Toshiba Samsung drives. The expoxy is a special glue that Microsoft put on the DVD firmware chip in order to prevent access to its solder points. So get yourself some sort of sharp tool, hot air gun and get to scratching!" [via]

This is so cool, I'm never gonna do it, but it sure is fun to watch.

Biohazard 4D Executor

A 20-minute long CG- movie taking place in the Resident Evil universe,Biohazard 4D Executor is only available in Japan. 5 members of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Servuce are sent to a food facility in Raccoon City to save Dr. Chamelon. The members of the team are Claus, Normen, Ed, Roberto and Roger. With a special tracer, they start their search for the doctor. Soon they will notice that everything is not in order and a fight for their lives begins. [via]

This video is really intense, there was one part in the beginning when I had to look away, and I thought I had a strong stomach.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

ICO - Magic is Here

(vid via BronzePhoenix)

From the info next to this video; "A fanmovie done by me to the highly under-appreciated PS2 game, ICO. If you haven't heard of ICO before, its a 'spiritual sequel' to Sony Entertainment's incredible 'Shadow of the Colossus.' The same atmosphere and story-telling elements remain, making this game a must-play for any PS2 owner. WARNING!!!! SPOILERS IN THIS VIDEO!"

Wow, I want to go back and play this game again, it was the first PS2 game I played. The ending got to me, yep, it sure did. This video brought that emotion back, the music is amazing as well, perfect choice. Hope you liked it as much as I did.

Preview Rainbow Six: Vegas; Mexican Border

"The stakes are high when the world's most elite counter-terrorism unit enters Las Vegas, where over 36.7 million men, women and children visit each year. "Sin City," the home of the famous Las Vegas Strip, flashy hotels, high-rolling casinos and world-famous celebrities, becomes the setting for a terrorist threat of global proportions. What happens when one of the world's most famous cities is held hostage by terrorists?" [via IGN]

Very nice looking gameplay, I think I like watching games being played almost as much as playing them. Release Date:US: November 7, 2006. Available On: PlayStation 3, Xbox, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, PC, Xbox 360

Madden NFL 07 Wii: Developer's Explanation

(vid via nmaster64)

"An exclusive 2007 edition of EA's unstoppable football franchise, built specifically football done Wii-style. Utilizing the unique game controller of the system, you can get out on the line of scrimmage like never before. Players can hike the ball with a real "hike" move. They can punt the ball with motions that simulate a punt kick, with the angle and straightness of the punt determined by how clean the "punt" is. They can even control the speed and accuracy of passes with the precision of their real throwing motions. It's football, played the way it never has been before!" [via IGN]

Looks like a fun game; Release Date: US: November 19, 2006. Oh btw I found this video on; I actually had seen it floating around here and there, but that's where I finally stoped to have a look.

Video Review; Tales of the Abyss

"This entry in Namco's popular Tales series takes place in a world where prophecies clue people in to future happenings. Tales of the Abyss boasts a revolutionary new free roaming battle system allowing players to move anywhere on the battlefield, a first in the Tales series which brings new depth to the intense, high-action battles that Tales games are knows for."

"Tales of the Abyss will follow the story of the young aristocrat, Luke fon Fabre. Kidnapped seven years ago, Luke returns to his family with no memories of his life before. Suddenly, Luke is thrust into the outside world and caught in the workings of the Order of Lorelei and the Oracle Knights who serve as keepers of the prophecy known as the Score. He must learn of the power of friendship and feel the pain of sacrifice. Luke's actions could save the world or destroy it." [via IGN]

Now for my two cents, fantastic looking game, and a very positive review, sweet. Release Date: US: October 10, 2006 on PS2, well that makes me supper happy 'cause I got a PS2, current-gen baby.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Unreal 07 Animated Flip book

From the maker of this video; "Here's another Dragonfly Game Flipz™ book. This one features the E3 2005 Unreal Tournament 2007 tech demo trailer for the Playstation 3. This the latest and I the best Game Flipz™ book i have done so far. The is a great trailer! I admit the as far as fan movies goes, my can be pretty boring, but it really satisfying to hold this little book in your hands. The images s are a little soft, sorry. If I ever get to do these Flipz for mass production I'll make sure to use the CGI frames for best quality.

Thanks for all the nice comments on my first upload ,the Killzone Game Flipz™. Your feedback is very encourging.


I did enjoy it, this thing is so cool, I posted the Killzone Game Flipz one, which was sweet as well. I sure hope I see this in stores soon or available online that would rock, hmmm, maybe it is available online somewhere I'll have to 'google' that, if I find anything I'll update.

Video Review; Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent

(vid via me)

Douglass C. Perry did a nice video review but there is also a written one, here is an excerpt; "In the age of September 11 paranoia, an era that has engendered TV hits like 24 and created political and religious forces to separate and clash, Ubisoft may have found a strange conduit into the core of it all."

"Ubisoft's Shanghai Studio felt its five-year-old stealth game should explore the moral ambiguity of the professional spy and, by giving Sam Fisher a dual role as a mole in a radical organization while still serving the National Security Agency (NSA), it's changed the course of the long-standing Tom Clancy-themed series."

Pretty good writing, check out the full review here. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent is available On: PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, PC, and Xbox 360, joy.

New Trailer; Call of Duty 3

Through the eyes of four Allied soldiers, Call of Duty 3 brings players closer than ever to the fury of combat as they fight through the Normandy Breakout, the harrowing offensive that liberated Paris and changed the fate of the world. [via IGN]

Sweet trailer, and I'm sorry to say I have not played any of the Call of Duty games, except for a mobile version for my Sprint phone, but none of the console ones. I do want to, but I'd like to play this series from the beginning so, I'll have to research a bit and see if there is a console version of Call of Duty that's as good as the PC one. If there isn't then I'll have to upgrade my PC which isn't very likely anytime soon.

Before I try anything I need to backup, and that in itself is a mystery to me, what do I back up, where do I find it to back it up, do I have a disk to reinstall XP just in case, etc. Call of Duty 3 is due November 9, 2006 Available On: PS3,Wii, Xbox 360, Xbox, and PlayStation 2, nice.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bully Review has had this up for a while, I just havn't had a chance to post it 'till now. Great review, Bully sounds like a winner.

From; "From edgy publisher Rockstar's Vancouver development team comes this dark comedy set in the most vile and sadistic setting yet in a Rockstar videogame: the schoolyard. As a troublesome schoolboy, you'll laugh and cringe as you stand up to bullies, get picked on by teachers, play pranks on malicious kids, win or lose the girl, and ultimately learn to navigate the obstacles of the fictitious."

I've already made up my mind, Bully is on my "games to get" list, but it's always nice to hear good things about something you like.

Family Guy 'Stewie' Gameplay

(vid via doublespy)

The following is from; "In the second Stewie level that we took a look at, he was attempting to rescue his father, Peter, from a hospital. Although one of the hospital sequences took the form of a vertically scrolling shooter, in which Stewie used his ray gun to take out doctors, nurses, and orderlies, much of the baby's time was spent solving puzzles using his mind-control helmet. Predictably, the helmet is used to assume control of other characters in the game, and without wishing to give any of the puzzles away, we can tell you that both Glen Quagmire (the pervy guy from next door) and Death himself came in very useful. The hospital level came to an end when Stewie gained access to Peter, shrunk himself, and went inside the old guy's body, Inner Space-style."

I'm pretty sure the video is the level Gamespot is refering to, Family Guy the video game, not completely sold yet, but I'm thinking about it, which is a good thing.

Destroy All Humans! 2 Preview

This preview from, is from a while back, but Destroy All Humans! 2, jumped in my head so I went looking for new content. I found this preview which I hadn't seen before, I'm definitely sold on this current gen game, can't wait to get my hands on it, Destroy All Humans! 2 is available now, PS2 and Xbox, sweet.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Lego Star Wars 2 - Review by Cola

Lego Star Wars2 - Review
Uploaded by colagamereviews

Good job Cola, this post won't be easy; it's story time, so sit back and relax. When I first saw this video, I was struck by Cola's beauty. I thought, sweet, I'll post this video and do my routine where I confess my luv for a total stranger, always fun.

I wanted material to play with so I looked for info on Cola, I found, no material there. It's a very nice site and I'm not going to use it in one of my character studies.

Which is all I'm doing when I practically propose to... well I won't mention any names, but it's all fun, just acting. Yes, before I wanted a career in video games I wanted one in Hollywood.

Anyway, the video is here, mainly 'cause Cola is so pretty, but also it's a good review of the game. Hopefully someone will stumble upon this little blog and discover Cola and the good work she's doing at, I'll just finish off with a few words from their site;

"kid confidence is a community of parents on a mission!" "We are building an amazing community of like-minded, engaged and caring parents to create an exhaustive reference library of information about computer games and how they affect your children.

Articles, editorial features, parent'’s blogs & forums, and video reviews of all types of content and media titles are presented within a highly searchable and easy to use interface."

Sounds great, good luck, Cola, I guess I can be serious when I want too.

Scarface: The World Is Yours; Strategy Video

(vid via Red_Knight)

Make some cash the easy way, by cheating. Details? I'll let you watch the video, there is just know way I could explain it, I'm not allowed to use those kinds of words.

Splinter Cell: Double Agent; The weapons

We get a nice look, in this video, at Sam's latest and greatest weapons and gadgets. I'm hearing some odd things about this Splinter Cell, I've played the first and second, third is on the shelf, waiting to be played. I will get this game no matter what, but I still like to keep my ears open, can't help it I'm a snoop. This game is due: 10/17/2006.

I feel like singing to you mind? Thanks;

I went and bought myself a ticket and I sat down in the very first row
They pulled the curtain but then when they turned the spotlight way down low
Little Egypt came out a-struttin' wearin' nothin' but a button and a bow
Singing, ying-ying, ying-ying, ying-ying, ying-ying

That felt good, wanna hear some more, sweet;

She had a ruby on her tummy and a diamond big as Texas on her toe
She let her hair down and she did the hoochie-coochie real slow
When she did her special number on the zebra skin I thought she'd stop the show
Singing, ying-ying, ying-ying, ying-ying, ying-ying

Singing always cheers me up, video games too but in a different way, the games make me feel good, but singing rubs an area the video games don't reach. Huh? Exactly.

[Little Egypt Lyrics Artist(Band):Elvis Presley]

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Documentary; First Person Shooter

(via submitted by thriLLceLL)

Here is some info I found next to the video;

" This video was made the father of a professional gamer a few years back. He didn't like the fact that his son played video games for all hours on end, so he made a documentary.. Ps: after this video was released they didn't talk for a few months"

I also got some info from the comments on digg;

"The professional gamer would be Griffin "shaGuar" Benger. He currently travels the world to play Counter-Strike professionally.

Team website:"

Very interesting, I'm not a dad, so I can only imagine what it's like. I like the way this father communicated his concerns, very well done. Many questions where asked and I don't have the answers, but it made me think, which is always good.

When I first saw how long it was I thought, I'll just catch the first few minutes then if it's good I'll bookmark it and get back to it later. Once I started watching I just kept going, very well done, oh I already said that.

Well that's 'cause it is. Final word, this video is good, video games rule!!

Scarface: The World is Yours Review

(vid via Honekai)

Positive review, sweet, I was looking forward to this game and it's good to hear, well good things about it. Release Date: 10/30/2006, on current gen systems, according to, yes!

Battlefield 2142 Game Intro

(vid via vpyoman2) (submitted to by UnrealAlex)

Awesome!!! Guns, Guns, and more Guns, now that's what all game videos should have. I'm not real familiar with this game, so I don't really know what's going on. I just dig the music, and the guns.

Well do you want some deets on this game? Alrighty then, here some from;

"The year is 2142, and the dawn of a new ice age has thrown the world into a panic. The math is simple and brutal: The soil not covered by ice can only feed a fraction of the Earth's population. Some will live, most will die. Players will choose to fight for one of two military superpowers in an epic battle for survival, the European Union or the newly formed Pan Asian Coalition. Armed with a devastating arsenal of hi-tech assault rifles, cloaking devices and sentry guns, players will also do battle using some of the most imposing vehicles known to man. Massive battle Mechs wage fierce combat on the ground, while futuristic aircraft rule the skies. When facing one of these new behemoths, players will need to use their wits and an arsenal of new countermeasures like EMP grenades to level the playing field."

It's a PC game, and it due in the US: October 10, 2006, and Europe: October 13, 2006.
I just realized my TV has not been on at all today, in all the years I've been on your planet, oops I mean Earth, heh heh, you what I mean.

Well, it's just never happened, since I've been blogging, I have watched less and less TV,to the point where I'll just check CNN Headlines News real quick, but not once has the TV been on all day. Wow!! To busy playing Dark Cloud, that game rocks! I fight, I collect, I rebuild. Could it get any sweeter?

Sorry went off topic, you know me, I do that a lot. To recap Battlefield 2142 Game Intro, good, TV off. Oh BTW I play Dark Cloud on a separate gaming TV, I know I know, I live large what can I say. Heh heh I wish.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Zelda Retrospective Part 1

This is so cool, a nice look at The Legend of Zelda. I'm not the most hardcore gamer around but I do really like Zelda, I can't wait for part two.

The Darkness 'Demo' gameplay

(vid via doublespy)

Wow, nice gameplay, pretty sweet physics action going on there. When I first saw The Darkness I didn't really get it, but after seeing the video I'm starting to... well get it. This game is due on the Xbox 360 in Mar 15, 2007.

World of Warcraft; Base jumping fun

(vid via Elamen)

I found this video on, and it's pretty good. Lately every time I see something like this I get an itch to try World of Warcraft, but I also hear that it's quite an addictive game, so I'm staying clear of it, but it ain't easy.

Friday, October 13, 2006

It's Final Fantasy Friday; Final Fantasy V Advance Japanese commercial

(vid via majkeld)

I found this video and title at, I ah heh heh, I ah like this commercial, why? I'd better not say. I wonder how long I'll do these Final Fantasy Fridays, hmmmm. I guess I'll stop when I feel like it.

I just don't feel like it. Oh look at the time, it's late and I need to crash, but I won't, most likely I'll head back to Dark Cloud, that game is so sweet, I fight, I collect, and I rebuild. I want to complete this game 100%, haven't felt that way since the world was young. Huh? I don't even know what I meant by that.

Yes I do, but it's a long story and I really want to get back to playing, final word, is Catherdral.

Stranglehold Developer Demonstration

Nice video from who wrote; "All the physics gunplay and action, are showcased in this gameplay demo." Amazing close to 8 minutes of solid, a** kicking, heart pounding gameplay.

Did you see that one part where he jumps toward a wall as he's firing behind him, looked so smooth, not animated at all. For PS3 and Xbox 360, and since I have neither all I can do is admire this game from a far.

Rayman Raving Rabbids Gameplay 2

(vid via b1jasonb)

Noooooo!!! Don't hurt the little bunnies, this video is terrible, it shows someone using little bunnies as musical instruments, this insanity must stop! Seriously, how much fun is this game gonna be?

I have to admit I've never played a Rayman game before, I know my nephew has the Nintendo 64 version but right now he's in Texas with his momma, my sis. I kind of want to get caught up on the series before I play the Wii version. I'm nutty that way. I'm terrible at ending these posts... Oh! I know, no logos!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pink Sweets Official Cosplay Feature Trailer

Oh my goodness, what lovely angels. Here on Game Break I post video game related videos, this is not a video game related video. What is it? It's an Arcade game related video, the game is called Pink Sweets. Wait a minute, are there not several Arcade games that have been made into video games and video games that were made into Arcade games. Yes, so this video can be here, it's valid.

Examples? Two words, "google it", you see my friend these angels have affected me in a profound way, my purpose in life is more clear than it has ever been before. What is that purpose? I can't reveal that at this time, but it does involve those sweeties in the video, it would of been super hot if they kissed... I like that kinda thing ok. Sometimes I'm too honest, better end this post, right! The post ends... wait for it... ... NOW!

ScrewAttack 'Top 10 Ways to Die'

(vid via doublespy)

Fantastic Top Ten list, pretty funny, you know where I found the video but I got the following quote from;

"As heard on SideScrollers this week, ScrewAttack and have hook up and Stuttering Craig and Handsome Tom are going to be producing some Top 10 lists-the way ScrewAttack does them. Click the pic to view the first one and pass around the link to all your friends!"

Sure I will, hey I liked it so much I'm posting it, and I'll let all my friends know about it too.

Killzone Animated Flip book

This is awesome the person who added this to wrote;

"Flip book?!! That's right! Hi-tech meets old school.

Instead of a Fan Movie, I adapted the preview trailer of Killzone 2 for the Playstation 3 (first shown at E3 2005) into a Dragonfly Game Flipz™ - Animated Story Flip Book, a new, innovative book format.

I've been working on Dragonfly Flipz™ for some time, now and would like to get feedback from you game fans. I plan to post more Game Flipz™ for other games soon. I'd also like to hear from the game creators, artists, management types, and book or magazine publishers. I love to have this books mass produced, but for now it is a Concept Demo and not for sale. If you like it, send it to friends and Sony, etc. I plan to send a copy to Guerrilla Games just for fun.

Thanks for viewing it."

Hey buddy, thanks for making it, good luck. I luv the part where he flips the flip book, this kind of thing keeps me amused for hours. If I ever see this I'm gonna dip into my apple fritter fund and pick one up, it's like E3 schwag, cool.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

GT Pro Series 'Handling' gameplay

(vid via doublespy)

Cool, wonder how I missed this one, so many gameplay videos so little time. Sure was a nice demo of the Nintendo Wii whiil. It was a simple video so I'll do a simple post and end it clean.

The Screen Savers presents Yoshi's Box

(vid via apupu)(found on submitted by tyler1175)

Do you want to have the ultimate gaming machine? One that can play PS2, Xbox, GameCube, Nes, Atari and PC games? Well all you need $4000, and then you travel back to a simpler time 2002, easy huh?

Good job Yoshi, I miss Tech TV, that channel was awesome, and I'm going off topic again, final word is my favorite color which is, blue, NO! AHHHHHHH!!!!

Tony Hawks Downhill Jam DS Trailer

No way! That is not actual gameplay, is it? Impressive most impressive, I've never seen anything like that on the DS. I suppose I haven't been following DS games since I went back to the GBA, the micro version, I have the SP but the micro screen is so much brighter and it's so light.

Well recently I decided an upgrade to the DS lite is just not necessary, my DS is practically new, I've only played six games on it plus the current one I'm "Now Playing", so I'll stick with it till I need to upgrade.

I went off topic there a little, heh heh, sorry. Trailer rocks, the game rocks, the DS LG rocks! Tony Hawks Downhill Jam for DS is going on my "get this game" list.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I first heard about LIMBO on, but I didn't cover it 'cause here on Game Break I post video game videos, with a little goofy text added, and there wasn't any video available that I could embed.

There is now, sweet. Pretty awesome looking little trailer, reminded me of that animated short "Balance". I hope this game is made and soon. BTW if you want to visit the game site check out this link, you'll find concept art there.

Kikizo Video Interview; Peter Moore

(vid via me)

Very good interview with Peter Moore by Kikizo, who wrote; "As the busy month of September came to a close, it was tough to keep up with all the new games, announcements and rumours doing the rounds - not to mention all the travelling. Microsoft's Peter Moore was busier than anyone - making a stop in India for its own launch of Xbox 360, in between attending the Tokyo Game Show and most recently, X06 in Barcelona, which is where he rushed straight over to Kikizo to offer this extensive new video interview"

I really enjoyed this, I've seen photos of Peter Moore many times in different blogs and footage of him at various game events, but it was good to hear him talk, it was almost as it I were a real video game journalist and I was there with those other pros listening to Mr. Moore take questions and writing notes and whatever the pros do.

Thanks you Kikizo, looking forward to your next video interview... *cough* with Jade Raymond *cough* Well a fella can dream can't he?

Gears of War: Teaser site Videos Collection

Not to sure on the details of this video but I knew there was a teaser site up, so I went there but I didn't really get it, so I left. I suppose this video is a collection of the teaser videos from that site.

Very convenient to see them all at once. BTW the person who added this video to, also included a link to, where you can see the videos separately.

I have to be honest I'm not a big fan of live action, I believe that's the term for one you have real people in video games. I feel a rant coming on, nah, maybe next time, 'cause in this case it's just a trailer and I don't know for sure that live action will be in the final game, but I hope it isn't.

Do you like live action in video games? Just wondering.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Tony Hawks Downhill Jam Wii Gameplay Walkthrough

How fun does this look? This game is going to rock! Whoever is playing makes it look so easy but then again it's probably a developer who's had their hands on it for month's. Still that doesn't bother me, one of the reasons I play video games is for the challenge, each game is different.

The game I am "Now Playing" which you can find on the right over there, is completely different from the game I just finished Ghost Recon 2, and both those games are nothing like the game I'm playing on my DS LG, what game? It's the second one from the top under "Now Playing", sorry I always seem to go off topic.

Tony Hawks Downhill Jam, final word is wii like, wii like very much, heh heh heh, get used to it.

Game Break Presents; How to Model a PSP

(vid via ottyhotties) (submitted to digg by Shayer)

First off, this is the best PSP video EVER!!! It's been on YouTube(or is it GooTube now?)for months, I'm sure some of you may have seen this but I haven't. So that's why it's here.

The PSP has never looked hotter, what am I doing a video like this speaks for itself, so I'll stop talking, I'm not talking now, I've stop talking, Walter? Yes? OUCH!!! Why did you do that? Because, this is what you get... this is what you get... this is what you get when you mess with, with, oh sorry for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself, but I'm feeling much better now.

[Radiohead Karma Police Lyrics]

VersuS TV Xbox Live Vision Review

(vid via CyberVixen)

Vixen does a fab review of the Xbox Live Vision cam. She also does a brilliant review of Totemball, and much much more. Siren makes an appearance as well, visit them at, I have to get on Xbox Live I'm missing all the fun.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

How to Talk smack over Xbox Live

(vid and title via AgentDark)

Fantastic, so funny, if this is what it's like on Xbox live I'm in. Yes I know this video has been around for a while but Game Break hasn't, this is the first I've seen this video and posted it here.

Just like I do whenever I find a video while I'm 'youtubeing', before I post it I 'google' it. This video has been around for a while, one of my "Friends" on the right over there posted this in 2005.

Heh heh, better late than never I guess. Hey! I didn't goof around in this post my meds must be kicking in. Awe nvts! Gets real boring around here when I'm normal.

Well while there is still a little goofy left in me; Walter? Yes? Is this your blog? Yes it is. It's very nice, be terrible if anything happened to it. What you mean? Well things get broken, don't they. Yes I guess they do but what's that got to do with my blog?

If you don't "forget" to take your meds, things might get broken. Right! That's it, I'm ending this post it's very silly. Oh your just saying that 'cause you can't think of a punch line.

And scene, not my best but, like Kirk said in Star Trek IV "Your not exactly catching us at our best", "That much is certain", "Live long and prosper", "I have been and always shall be your friend", "Spock is my best officer, and my friend" "Where do you think we belong?' "You, by his side, like you've always been there and always will"... sorry I like Star Trek. "Engage" "Make it so" yeah those too, heh heh.

Amanda Mackay Koei TGS 06 Booth Tour

It's time for a little Amanda Mackay sweetness. This video is all Amanda and that the super adorable smile, she keeps saying "take a look" Amanda, I'm looking I'm looking and I like what I see.

I did a little search to see what other Amanda posts I've done, wow! I sure do like posting Amanda, I mean posting Amanda related news, heh heh.

Yeah it was a nice trip down memory lane, I guess I did a bit of reminiscing, uh oh here it comes this ones for you Amanda;

"Friday night, it was late, I was walking you home, we got down to the gate, and I was dreaming of the night." "Would it turn out right" "How to tell you girl, I wanna build my world around you, tell you that it's true." "I wanna make you understand, I'm talkin' about a lifetime plan"

"Hurry, don't be late, I can hardly wait, I said to myself when we're old." "We'll go dancing in the dark, walking through the park and reminiscing."

Well I can dream can't I.

[LITTLE RIVER BAND lyrics - "Reminiscing"]

1988 Inside Edition TV news report ; The Super Mario Bros.

(vid via dannyo8)

This video is so cool, what a fantastic captured moment in time. It's got a look inside the Headquarters of Nintendo and the World of Nintendo store, makes me want to go to back and begin at the beginning and do things right or at least better than I did.

Regrets? Sure I had a few but then again to few to mention, I did what I had to do. Walter? Yes? Are you with us, not really, would you like us to finish? Yeah I guess you'd better. Well let's see where is the publish button ah yes there it is, ok ready on three then we go. Wait, do we count one two three and go, or do we go on three?

Forget it I'll do it, which one are you?, that's not important right now, ready? one two three... wait for it... GO!

[via Kotaku]

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Vampire's Rain Game Trailer

(vid via gamingbits)

Wow! Thats one awesome trailer, nice visuals a little gameplay, very nice. Ok now for some deets on this game from IGN;

Vampire's Rain takes place in a city in suburban Los Angeles, where vampires have been determined to reside. Players take control of a special operative called John Lloyd and, having entered the city, must wipe out the vampires.

Artoon's Naoto Oshima, one of the creative forces in the creation of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, is working directly on this title and promises a game that makes vampires scary once again. The game creates its atmosphere with gothic visual design and next-generation technology (including heavily featured weather and water effects for displaying a rain-soaked hell on Earth), while a new gameplay system introduces hidden horror as players must figure out who is a vampire in the crowded city. Artoon is also working network features into this title, including competitive multiplayer.

Hello I'm back and sad to hear this is Japan only, due December 31, 2006 , well for now I hope. Btw it's for PS3 and Xbox 360, and it's going on my "if I ever get a next gen console then get this game" list.

For now my eyes are gonna be on the look out for any more from this sweet looking game. Trailers, previews, reviews, it's all good.

We'll see what turns up, WE'LL SEE!! Brother, sorry don't know why I'm talking like that, I just can't be serious for too long. Yep natural born goofball, that's me.

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