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Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Wii Adventure by Dan Flynn

This video is so f@#%ing fantastic, Dan should get a Wii for this, and Nintendo should make this into a commercial. Here are a few words from the info next to this video on Google Video; " Aryll finds an interesting object while fishing in the ocean... Unfortunately, this means bad things for Link."

I'm most likely the last blog to post this; I first saw it on Kotaku, yesterday, but my plate was full. I had my posts all lined up and ready to go, didn't really want to change 'em. So I set it aside for today. It's all good, plenty to go around for everybody. Yes many Zelda fans out there. Many? Yes many, would you say there was a plethora of Zelda fans out there? Hmm, sure there's ah a ah plethora. Walter? Yes, what is a plethora? Why? Well I would like to think that when a person uses a word that they know what it means. Your just picking on me 'cause you haven't, you know, in a loooooong time. Yep you called that one.

Btw, that plethora bit is from The Three Amigos, another fav film. "One for each other and all for one, the Three brave Amigos are we." "Brother to Brother and everyone, a brave amigo." That song rocks.

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