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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Top Gear - The BF2 Parody! - Awesome!

(vid via KozMick)

Title is from the person who added this to YouTube, the final exclamation point is mine, 'cause this was bloody well done mate.

The following is also directly from the person who added this to YouTube;

"This video is unbelievably well made and I thought it deserved to be seen by as many people as possible, Its a Top Gear episode using the Battlefield 2 game engine, {The one where Jeremy Clarkson gets chased by a Tank}


Visit the Makers @"

Something weird just happened, I recalled a previous post that had Battlefield 2, so I looked it up to see if I could include it in this post somehow.

Well when I found it I noticed that it too was posted on a Saturday, wonder if that means anything. Maybe someone is trying to tell me that I need to play Battlefield 2.

Worth looking into, I'd better familiarize myself with it first. A good place to start would be at, what else am I gonna do on a Saturday night.

Huh? Go out? I ain't going out there it's dark, besides "I've got a number with wings"... Wanna know what that means? Then check out Watch What You Want (my third blog) on Monday and you'll see what it means.

[update Sunday 1, Oct 06; I found the actual episode that this BF 2 parody is based on here is the link to YouTube.]

[update 2 Monday 02, Oct 06; Here is that link to my third blog I mentioned]

The Pika - A Real Life Pikachu

(via digg submitted by deathcloset)

Well here is that real Pikachu I told you about in my second post today. The following is from the person who uploaded this to Google Video; "The pika may look like a hamster, but is actually a cousin of the rabbit."

"Of course, "Pikachu" is a portmanteau of the words, pika, meaning to spark or meaning a sparkle of lightning in the Japanese language, and "chū", an onomatopoeia in the Japanese language for the squeak made by a mouse. It seems pure coincidence that Pikachu and the Pika bear so much resemblance - or it may just be a third level of cleverness on the Japanese creators' part"

I think the Pika is the real deal. I actually found this video early this mourning on, bookmarked it and set it aside, it was gonna be my first post then I saw that Nintendo World Tour video and there was a Pikachu in it, well suddenly I saw a nice angle I'll post the Nintendo World video first then mention the above video in it, kinda like a teaser.

That's when the little lady in my first post showed up and my brain ceased to function, forgot about both videos and she became my first post. What can I say I'm a sucker for a pretty face.

Was anybody wondering what portmanteau or onomatopoeia meant? Well I was, for info on portmanteau check here, and for info on onomatopoeia check here.

As for me, it's nap time, those big words finished off what little brain matter was left after watching XTetrisHookerX. Not really sure what nap means I'd better 'google' that too... before... I pass ou

IGN Nintendo World Store Tour

(vid via me)

I've heard about the Nintendo World Store, and now thanks to Matt Casamassina I've seen it. Nice store and nice tour, did you see the Pikachu? Ever wonder what a real one looks like? Sure there are real ones, check out my next post and I'll show you a real Pikachu.

XTetrisHookerX in The Duck Huntress

Very very nice, XTetrisHookerX sure has some pretty sweet skills, emphasis on pretty. Lets hear from her shall we;

Hey gang,
XTetrisHookerX here.
I got so bored of pwning all of you n00bz in WoW and Halo 2 that I decided it's time to blow your brains with a montage that showcases some REAL skillz!
What you'll find in MY skillz showcase is the most impressive collection of head shots, no scopes, one shot kills and 100-0s you'll ever find.
But, I swear to god if that $%&# DOG %#@%&$% LAUGHS AT ME ONE MORE GOD %@$% TIME!!!...

Well XTetrisHookerX you've done real fine job with this video, I suggest you do more of them... soon... please.

UpDate; Sunday Oct 1, 2006

BTW this video as XTetrisHookerX told you is for a GameTrailers contest which you can learn more about here.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Amanda Mackay goes on a Akihabara Electronics District Tour

Let the good times roll, it's Amanda Mackay! Fantastic, I've seen footage of the Akihabara Electronics District before but I never get tired of it.

Did you catch the bit where Amanda is in the store and says "check this out" cut to the outside and you see Amanda and right "behind" her is a guy walking past who does what I would do in the same situation he checks out Amanda's, heh heh, you know.

Amanda? Is it over? No more video? Aww darn it, just when I was having fun. You know something Amanda;

"All my life I've never stopped to worry `bout a thing, open up and shout it out,an never try to sing." "Wondering if I've done it wrong, will this depression last for long." "Wont you tell me, where have all the good times gone?"

Yep where have they gone, been a looooong time, toooooo long. I think I'd better change the subject or better yet end it.

[Van Halen; Where Have All The Good Times Gone!]

It's Final Fantasy Friday!

Couple of sweet videos to feast our eyes on, first up a "New" Final Fantasy XII Trailer, I'll explain the " " below;

(vid via EldonPaul2)

Next up is a bit of pulse pounding eye bulging senses tingling Final Fantasy XII Trailer;

(vid via Doelli)

The " " around new means that according to Gamespot this is new, but I noticed that during TGS 06 videos would show up as "New" but I had already seen them.

I wasn't the first to notice this, sit back 'cause it's story time. You see I contribute to a real high quality blog, it's on the right there under Game Break Friends, don't ask me how it happened but I was asked if I would be interested and I replied immediately that I would.

Ok so a little while back during TGS 06 I see a "New" Gears of War trailer, I hadn't seen it before so I posted it along with a link to Cliffy B's 1up blog, where he wrote; I'm not going to sit here and promise that Gears has "it." But I can assure you that we're shooting for "it." I stated that in my opinion GOW had "it".

One of my co-authors was first to comment, that it was a good video but not exactly new, I had already checked and double checked, but based on that comment I checked one more place, there it was and had been for over a year.

I immediately deleted the post, which is why I put " " around new. What? Yeah a checked a couple of places to see if there were any new Final Fantasy XII trailers, none new or old that match that first video, but the " " stay.

Now how about that second video? Sweeeet, huh? What blog am I contributing to? Guess. : )

The 1UP Show's: Lair demo walkthough

(vid via doublespy)

Pretty good, I like what I see. Factor 5's Lair for PS3 has hooked me, I'm in. Better late than never I guess, the reason I write that is I'd heard some good things about this game but the concept just didn't grab me, although I knew there were videos I could look at to get a better idea I just didn't check 'em out.

The that make me goofball numero uno. Interesting piece of info comes out right in the beginning of the video, apparently Lair was designed with a motion sensing controller in mind and plan b was a regular stick controller, don't you think that's interesting... ... just me huh? Oooooook.

Anyways this game is going on my "if I ever get a PS3 get this game" list. Which judging by the size of my piggy bank should be oh I'd say by the time just around near kinda almost sorta if I'm very frugal it will certainly be, wait a moment let me check these figures, ah yes, NEVER!!!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Amanda Mackay meets and greats the TGS 06 Cosplayers

I'm such a dope, saw this video a while back didn't check it out. Then a few minutes ago a see it again but notice something I didn't see the first time. In the tumbnail image was a little Amanda Mackay. That's all it took, soon as the video was done I headed for the embed code, and here she is.

There was one part in the video that made my heart skip a beat, Amanda was talking to someone outside when the wind blew, OMG!!! (G stands for goodness, thank you). I need to lay down too much excitement isn't good for me.

Ohhhh!!! What's wrong Walter? It's my heart. Your heart, what is it? A large muscle that circulates blood through my body... ... very funny, I meant what's WRONG with your heat. Oh! It's breaking, Amanda the heartbreaker has struck again.

F.E.A.R. Extraction Point - Free Demo Walkthrough

Tina Wood from takes us through this PC demo, and I think she did a great job. I hope she does more of these. Don't get the whole scary part, but the action part sure pulls me in.

Tina sure got the scary part, real cute the way she reacted to the chills in the game then apologizes, no apologies necessary Tina. If you want further deets on this demo like where you can get it, check out this link.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Assassins Creed X06 Onstage Demonstration

From X06 comes the first public demo of Assassins Creed on any system anywhere. That alone is super sweet, but the angel taking us through the game is none other than Jade Raymond herself.

Hmmm originally announced for PS3 and the first time we are seeing it played is on an Xbox 360. What's it mean? What's the significance? I DON'T KNOW!!! Sorry.

X06: Halo Wars Trailer

(vid via floreck)

Fantastic looking trailer, I've already placed it on my "games to get list" based on this first look. "If they want war we'll give 'em war" heck yeah, I know, I know can't write H e double hockey sticks my mom might see it, love you mom.

[This trailer is everywhere right now but I first saw it on,which is where you can go to get the full deets on this game, if your into that kind of thing]

Army of Two 'Debut' trailer

(vid via doublespy)

Hmmm not real familiar with this game, but I do like this trailer. Here is some info from IGN "Army of Two throws gamers into hot spots ripped from current day headlines where they will utilize unique two-man strategies and tactics while seamlessly transitioning between playing with intelligent Partner AI (PAI) and a live player."

"When one man is not enough, it will take an army of two to fight through war, political turmoil and a conspiracy so vast it threatens the entire world."

It's for Xbox 360 and the release date has not been announced yet, sometime in 2007 maybe?

X06: Assassin's Creed Gameplay Trailer

(vid via doublespy)

Well Jade Raymond Crespo, as I like to call her, has got a pretty sweet looking game there. Understatement? Yes. Luv seeing well produced trailers and screenshots, but gameplay really helps nudge the old got to play this game now meter into the red zone.

'Course I seem to have an iron will when it comes to spending money on things. Wonder why it's not like that with food products? You are off topic again Walter... sorry. One final thought, do you think fish ever get tired of sea food?

[Final thought is from a movie. Which one? Guess. : )]

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bully 'Town' trailer

(vid via doublespy)

Rockstar just keeps on keeping on. How great is this game gonna be? I thought it was based in Bullworth Academy alone, you also get to mess about in the town as well? Sweet.

I guess that info is written down somewhere but me and words don't see eye to eye. Words are nutty, type "Buffalo Sentence" into Google you'll see what I mean about words.

Which is also the name of my new blog, heh heh started another one, I need a girlfriend.

Pre-X06: Euro Babes

Team Xbox takes a look at what's going on in Barcelona before X06 begins tomorrow. I'm sure this video will be filled with great "behind" the scenes footage and maybe some first looks at games that will be showcased in X06, let's watch...

(vid via me)

Hey wait a minute, I didn't see any video games, there was no gaming news in this video at all. Why did you post it Walter? 'Cause it is Barcelona where Microsoft's X06 will be held, and it is a video from Team Xbox. Making it game related. I see the logic Mr.Spock I mean Walter.

Don't know what X06 is? Well check out this link for the deets, and this link for another video and photos from Team Xbox. What am I gonna do?... rather not say, thank you. : )

Monday, September 25, 2006

Silent Hill Origins Japanese Trailer

Silent Hill baby, can't get enough. Don't see anything new here but, I could care less it's a new Silent Hill Origins Trailer. They make 'em I post 'em no questions, wax on wax off, breathe in breathe out, right hand make a cir... sorry.

Commercial "Inspired" by Katamari Damacy

(vid via pyide)

Not crazy about where they went but I like the way they got there.

[Found this on]

Mr Rogers Guts Open A Donkey Kong Cabinet!

(vid via stevenup7002)

From the person who added this to YouTube; "A blast from the past, this 1983 clip from the PBS show Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood has Mr. Rogers taking a look at a Donkey Kong machine, and even popping open the control panel for a peek!"

I like Mr. Rogers, you know why, 'cause he likes me just the way I am. Silly title for the post but I'm feeling silly.

[Found this on Fark]

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Japanese girls playing Bleach for Wii

I don't know what's she's doing but I'm gonna check her out from another angle...

I see she has a friend...

(both vids via biocatZIIL)

Ok ok I knew what they were doing just having a 'wii' bit of fun, did you see what I did there. Yeah I know, if you want to see Bleach gameplay follow this link to YouTube.

This post was about the ladies, just like to remind myself of what they look like from time to time, that's the main reason I have a Flickr account. : )

[found these vids on]

Super Mario Bros Z Episode 4

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

(all vids via nintendodsg)

YouTube is great you never know what you'll find, I was on there the other day one search led to another and I found Super Mario Bros Z.

Never heard of this before so 'googled' it hoping one of the other blogs had covered it so I can pass along the info to you all. But nothing, maybe I'm the first blog to cover this, that would be sweet.

I think the videos speak for themselves I watched all three and I'm going to watch the first three episodes of Super Mario Bros Z, I've already subscribed to nintendodsg on YouTube 'cause I don't want to miss the next episode.

Unlock Starfox's Arwing in Zelda: Ocarina of Time

I've heard of this secret but this is the first video I've seen of it, cool. For instructions on how you can unlock the Arwing in Zelda: Ocarina of Time, follow this link to Kotaku.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

TGS: Afrika (PS3) Trailer

(vid via doublespy)

Amazing looking video the ending made me want to post it. Only one little question,what is Afrika? None of the usual suspects has any clear idea of what this is.

Like I said it's beautiful to look at and the ending well not the very ending, something happens right before the end which got me. What do you think it is?

It's STAR WARS Pachinko

(vid via strikegames)

Cool, Star Wars Pachinko, you want to know what Pachinko take a look here. I'm posting this 'cause I seem to recall Morgan Webb kind of liked Pachinko.

Which makes this video game related by way of Morgan Webb (who is in my smoking hot MySpace Top 24). Hi Morgan... Morgan? Morgan!!! Oh Morgan...

White Knight Story (PS3) TGS 06 Trailer

(vid via me)

Wow, where did this one come from? I heard about this PS3 game from the current 1UP podcast (or netcast as Leo wants to call it, me too) amazing looking RPG.

"In the game, a coming-of-age ceremony for the princess of a peaceful land is disrupted by a mysterious group dressed in black. They burn down the castle and murder the king, but before they can get to the princess, a young wine merchant who meets the princess by chance sneaks her away into the castle's underground vault. There they discover a relic pulled from ancient ruins, the armor of the White Knights."

The above trailer "shows several minutes of gameplay, with the main character and two traveling companions ambushed along a road by a group of soldiers in black armor. The combatants pair off and battle one-on-one for the most part, until the player characters get a numbers advantage and begin to doubleteam their opponents."

"Most of the combat in the first skirmish is more swords than sorcery, but things take a larger-than-life turn a little on down the road, when a giant fire-spewing, spiderlike boss appears to attack the trio. At this point the lightly armored protagonist responds by plunging a dagger into his gauntlet and transforming into a white knight alter ego, every bit as imposing as the boss, and the trailer comes to a close." The info in quotes came from Gamespot.

It's still early, after all it's my first time hearing about this game but I'm sure gonna keep my eyes open for more info on this one.

A preview of White Knight Story from IGN can be found here.

New Devil May Cry 4 TGS Trailer

(vid via me)

IGN just added a new trailer for Devil May Cry 4, and it looks great. Only one think confuses me, everything. Ah what's going on? According to IGN "In Devil May Cry 4, players control the formidable Nero who comes to grips with his newly found power as his beliefs and allegiance are tested."

Who is Nero? Again from IGN "Long ago the Dark Knight Sparda rebelled against the dark emperor and waged a one-man war to save humanity. Thousands of years later, a religious organization worships this renowned savior and has taken it upon themselves to rid the world of all evil. Residing in Fortuna, this organization is known as the "Order of the Sword," and is made up of an elite group of "Holy Knights." One day a young knight named Nero witnesses Sparda'’s legendary son Dante slaughter his fellow warriors. Has the renowned devil hunter turned his back on mankind? What does this encounter mean for these two individuals?"

I'm lost; so there was Devil May Cry which I played ('cause Tina and Laura did a spoof of a cut scene from the game on Classic G4), then there was Devil May Cry 2 which was a flat out sequel (a game I played despite bad reviews and regret having played it. Completed it only for the sake of finishing what I started, but I can't recommend it), there was also Devil May Cry 3 a prequel to the original Devil May Cry.

What then is Devil May Cry 4? A sequel to DMC 2 or DMC 3? A prequel to DMC 2? Well I'm gonna get no matter what it is. Still have not picked up DMC 3 yet, not sure if I want the original DMC 3 or Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition.

Time to dig up the old piggy bank and do some shopping, noooooo! I can't do it, I like my money I don't want to let it go. Well I do want to get caught on the Devil May Cry series, I suppose a little dip into the piggy bank won't kill me.

After all it's only m... it's only mm... nope can't say it. Won't say it, NEVER! NEVER!!! Alright alright I give, I'll say it, I'll sat it.

DESTINY! DESTINY! no escaping death for me destiny destiny no escaping death for... heh heh, sorry. That's from one of my favorite movies. Which one? Guess, : )

Friday, September 22, 2006

Xbox 360; BioShock GamePlay with Developer Commentary

(vid via me)

I've known about this video since IGN released an announcement about it on the 19th. As soon as it was available I got "me" to send it up to YouTube.

Well as soon as it was ready to embed I was ready to post it. Without even seeing it 'cause this was the first footage of any kind for Bioshock. I've heard good things about this game from people who covered E3 06, at the time I saw the screenshots but they never really do it for me so I was waiting for video of some kind.

Which I now had, I did a quick scan of the usual suspects and no one was covering it so I figured if I move fast I'll be the first, sweet. I started the post, formatted the video and got ready to watch it for the first time.

After the video was over I was left with a kind of "I don't get it" feeling. Well if you don't get it Walter why post it? I'm posting it 'cause I'm starting to get a little more confident about sharing my personal opinions, took me almost two days to find the nerve but I found it. Also it's getting dull always posting thinks I'm really into.

After all in the real world when I'm with someone I point out things I like as well and stuff I don't get. That's all I'm doing is letting you know about this video and telling you I personally don't get it but you may like it.

Yes it took me a couple of days to finally find the nerve to share my unsure feeling about Bioshock but now that I have, it feels good. So what do you think about the video? Oh sorry go ahead and watch it I'll wait. How long is it? Hey that's a rather personal question... oh the video heh heh right, 14 mins 14 seconds.

I'll wait here then shall I? Right... ... ... BURMA!!! Sorry I panicked. Actually I think I'll pop off now and go browse through my MySpace Top 24 the hottest Top 24 on the net especially since Blair Butler (G4) added a smoking hot new profile picture sweet Mary Lou what a rocking pair of legs.

Check her out her out for yourself, as soon as you've finished watching the video, you can find Blair in my Top 24 which is... here.

IGN'S Just Cause Video Review

(vid via me)

... ... umm not a very positive review, gosh darnit, I was really lookin' forward to this game. The video clearly shows things which should not be there in a next-gen or current gen title. Even if I were to pick it up at a nice low price I would not expect to find that kind of stuff. If you like reading you can find IGN's full written review here.

As for me I'm not happy, maybe a little Camel Spotting will help. What is Camel Spotting? Oh I'm so glad you asked; Camel Spotting is when I go and see if a can spot any Camels and then put them down in my Camel Spotting book.

Want to try it? Hello? HELLOOO!!! Oh your no fun anymore.

Jade Raymond in Assassin'S Creed Development Diary; Storyline

(vid via me)

Jade Raymond (Producer of Assassin'S Creed) talks with us about the storyline of this next-gen muti-platform title. Right then, that's out of the way now for the good stuff.

Jade? I wrote a little song to express how I really feel about you, it's called "I am a Goofball in love" Would you like to hear it? Great...

"Life is a moment in space, when the dream is gone it'’s a lonelier place" "I kiss the morning goodbye, but down inside you know we never know why" "The road is narrow and long, when eyes meet eyes and the feeling is strong" "I turn away from the wall, I stumble and fall but I give you it all"

"I am a goofball in love, and I'd do anything to get you into my world, and hold you within" "It'’s a right I defend, over and over again" "What do I do" Oh Jade...

[ok I pinched the lyrics from BARBARA STREISAND'S "WOMAN IN LOVE" heh heh terrible sorry.]

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Kikizo Video Interview: Nintendo's David Yarnton

(vid via me) interviews David Yarnton (General Manager Nintendo UK) who talks about the European launch of the Wii. I posted this interview 'cause I wanted to hear from the guy who said after the Wii press event in NY that the Wii would not be region free, and it was only recently that Nintendo confirmed that the Wii would not be region free.

Although the European launch is discussed in the video, some interesting questions where ask about the Wii like; How does a person with no ISP use the Wii channels? What's the answer? Watch the video.

Game Break First Look; Star Wars: Lethal Alliance

From British Gaming Blog "Another Ubisoft leak! Here'’s 2 videos of the new Star Wars game for PSP." Which is called Star Wars: Lethal Alliance, these videos are awesome!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Okami Video Review by GameSpot

(vid via me)

Pretty good review by Greg Kasavin Executive Editor at GameSpot. I've already heard most of this info and have made up my mind to get this game pretty much day 1, but it's good to here such a positive review.

My PS2 will luv this game, I've got a bunch of games waiting to be played on my shelf so there is time to get Okami, hopefully it will drop in price soon. I buy my games at $20 or less, 'cause I like my money, don't like to spend it. Except on apple fritters, those are good haven't had one in a while but my sweet tooth is really itching for one. Better get my mind off that and play my game of the moment which you can find on the right under "now playing".

New Lost Odyssey Trailer with Gameplay

(vid via doublespy)

Turn based huh? I like turn based combat, awesome footage this game is lookin' fantastic.

Lost Odyssey is "The second of two epic RPG projects for Microsoft by Mistwalker, the studio founded by Square-Enix's Hironobu Sakaguchi. You play as Kaim, a man who's been sentenced to live for 1,000 years. The game's storyline takes you through Kaim's life as he lives through multiple generations, becomes a part of many families, falls in and out of love and gets into conflicts. All this is set in a world that is on the verge of a "mystical industrial revolution," where mankind has attained dark powers."

[via IGN]

First Footage of Trusty Bell: Chopin's Dreams

(vid via EGMDemian)

Sweet lookin' game and ya gotta luv that music, Chopin Rocks!

IGN writes "On October 17, 1948, Frederic Chopin, one of the most influential composers for the piano, succumbed to sickness and died at the young age of 39. Three hours prior to that, in the world according to this RPG, Chopin saw a dream of a fairy-tale land populated by people with incurable diseases but also magical powers."

"Trusty Bell: Chopin's Dream takes place in this dream world. Chopin comes into contact with Polka, a young girl who resides with her mother in the village of Tenuto. Polka is near her death, and Chopin, Polka, and her young friend Allegretto as they look for some way to make use of Polka's great powers to help save her. It's a whimsical fantasy, but this RPG designed by developer tri-Crescendo also a complex and combo-based battle system of swords and magic weaponry. In keeping with inspiration, music and story play a big part in Trusty Bell. Performing the piano numbers that Chopin left to the world is Russian pianist Stanislav Bunin, with musical composition by noted game composer Motoi Sakuraba."

Trusty Bell: Chopin's Dreams is an Xbox 360 title Japan only, for now I hope.

Blue Dragon First Ingame Footage

th (vid via ossianbg)

Nice lookin' not to crazy 'bout the music but it gives me an idea about what to expect from Blue Dragon. What is Blue Dragon?

Blue dragon is "the first of two epic RPG projects for Microsoft by Mistwalker, the studio founded by Square-Enix's Hironobu Sakaguchi. Blue Dragon features characters by designer Akira Toriyama, and tells the story of a young boy named Shu who has special adventure with his two friends and a mythical blue dragon." According to IGN.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Amanda Mackay Interviews the Creators of Penny Arcade

Yes it's another Amanda Mackay post. I'm crazy about her, thank you. The video is from PAX 06 so it's not particularly timely, but its Amanda and that's all the reason I need.

Amanda? I... just want to... I can't explain it, but (get ready here it comes)

"Everytime I think of you, it always turns out good" "Everytime I've held you, I thought you understood" "People say a love like ours, will sure pass" "But I know a love like ours, will last and last"

But you know what Amanda "I was wrong, not knowing how our love should go" "But then I wasn't wrong in knowing how our love would grow" "How our love, how our love would grow" Oh Amanda...

[song lyrics from the Babys; Every Time I Think Of You via]

Play! A Video Game Symphony Perform A Zelda Medley

Fantastic, I luv when the audience kicks in at about 1:50 or so...

Audience what audience, take it easy Walter you knew there was an audience you saw all those seats. Last time I performed in front of an audience was 10 years ago, I played a butler, I HAD ONE LINE!! I forgot it. You can do this Walter your an actor, I'M NOT AN ACTOR I'M A MOVIE STAR!!... and scene.

That bit was kinda from a movie, yes this is real life, then again what is the difference. Seriously great performance and the reaction from the people is what really made my want to post it, luv the sound of applause and cheers it's great.

Welcome to Bullworth Academy

(vid via me)

This new trailer is hilarious, I was losing interest in this game but this video has peaked my attention again. Bully is sure lookin' like a must have game.

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Race by Istiv Studio

From the person who added this to Google Video "Incredible, award-winning rotoscoped anime mashup combining footage from over 100 anime movies." The result is this video a "Whacky Race", as the producer calls it.

Here is more from the producer; "The idea to do such a video came on a discussion with Tyler. We were talking about the numerous scenes of people running in animes. I also had instantly the idea to use this to do a sort of marathon of anime characters. I started so to prospect for concepts to put into this race."

"The first difficulty was to find a sort of scenario to this video. As i often say, one of my goal in amvmaking is to do more scenaristic videos, like Vlad did wih "Transcending love" [réf.] or E-ko in "Tainted Donuts" [réf.]. I realy wanted to do something different from "Shounen Bushido" or "Project Love united". So i search for a story that can motivate the characters to participate to the race. I had the idea of a mysterious Great Prize that no one know what it is. So the participants are imagining what they wondering deeply in their own anime story. And one of the stress i put on me was to absolutely not do another "singing" video. Now i have the background of the video, i started to search the characters."

"The first character wich came in mind was Spike from Cowboy Bebop since i already saw him running in "Tainted Donuts". To say the true, it is possible that this video indirectly influenced me in making this video. But i really wanted to do something different evan if it was still people running inside. Then i think about Luffy of One Piece on second. Because, every funny thing ou need in AMV, you can be sure Luffy did it. Naruto, Kirua from Hunter X Hunter, and Edward of Full Metal Alchemist came after that. Once i had my main charcters, i started to edit the scenes, and see what can i do with the different piece of anime i had."

"After a few minutes of editing i realize that, just putting characters in a race, make them run from a point to an other, should be boring. So i had the idea to put in it some "Chibi Things"-like fighting. Now my race became a fighting race. A sort of "Wacky Race" with participants, tricking, cheating, to win the great prize. I was prepared to do a lot of rotoscoping, but at this point i never imagined how much of cutings i'm going to do, to complete this project. After 1 year of editing, and many stops caused by boringness, world of warcraft or my Ph D. rush ... i finally finish the vid."

"I would like to thanks some editors for the help they provided: Kirua for making me discover the song, and for the sequences i lacked of and he sent it to me ; and Laria for reviewing my beta version and tell me where i needed to correct some misshaps. If you have time, go look their videos, and let an opinion ;). I would like to thanks [R]ay and Ayor which are not amvmakers but that helped a lot by providing me some stuff i didn't have in my stock of anime videos."

How is this video game related? Well there were certain anime characters used in the video who are... that's right in video games. I'll let you figure out who.

You can find a list of all the anime used in the video here.


G4 The Loop: "Is The PS3 Doomed?"

(vid via mrcave86)

This is from the person who added this video to YouTube "Kevin and guests, Libe Goad, Paul Semel and Aaron Boulding, discuss whether Sony's strategy with the price points, lack of HDMI cables, low loading time and major delays is going to crush the launch of the PS3."

Very interesting discussion, but the main reason I posted it here was 'cause of that hottie in the video; Libe Goad, Aol Games Editor, what a doll.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

IGN Presents; Jessica Chobot in Steal Away

From IGN Weekly# 25 comes a look at Jessica Chobot in lingerie in Shanghai, sweet. Oh and a look at Splinter Cell: Double Agent;

(vid via me)

I luv this kind of stuff, when it's done right. Having Jessica in lingerie for the entire segment is doing it right. Sure flat out previews of games are ok, but this one was fun, and I got to see Jessica in bed.

The title "Steal Away", I borrowed that from a song by Robbie DuPree, I thought the title and song kind of fit the video. What's that? Sure I'd luv to sing a little bit of it;

"C'mon and hold me, just like you told me" "Then show me what I want to know" "Why don't we steal away?, Why don't we steal away into the night? ,I know it ain't right"

"Tease me, why don't you please me?, Then show me what you came here for" "Why don't we steal away?, Why don't we steal away into the night?"

Jessica are ya listening darling... Jessica? Jessica? Jessica!!!! Oh Jessica...

Perrin Kaplan; She Said She Said Huh?

E3 2006: Perrin Kaplan IGN Video Interview

(vid via me)

Nintendo's Perrin Kaplan Interview on the Wii

(vid via

What's with that title? Why two Perrin Kaplan interviews? Well lets begin at the beginning. On Sept 15 Robert Summa posted the second video on, I liked it so I was looking for a way to post it here.

That leads me to a post I saw Saturday on, which is where I found the first video. I saw the angle for this post and just had to wait for 'me' to get the video on YouTube.

Here is the angle, I just thought it was really interesting to see the first interview knowing what I do now. What do I know now? Watch the second video and find out.

Nintendo Wii Walkthrough

Sweet gives us "an in-depth look at what makes this machine unique."

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Game of Your Life

This is an "Awesome 80's educational film featuring a Sega Outrun arcade game";

(vid via StrangeFindings)

That quote is from the person who added to video to YouTube. What do I think? I like it, that's why I posted it here. Kinda wish I'd seen this when I was a kid, for reasons I won't go into right now. Hope you liked it.

Webchat Interview With Shigeru Miyamoto

This video is an interview did with Shigeru Miyamoto;

Pretty good, never heard of Webchat but it was a good interview so I thought I'd post it. This video is from March 17, 2006, so Mr. Miyamoto still refers to the Wii as Revolution and shows the new version of the DS which at that time was not available in Europe or The Americas.

Towards the end of the interview a French Medal is mentioned and Mr. Miyamoto shows it too. Well I found a video that documents Mr. Miyamoto receiving that medal. Here it is now, it's in French but I thought it was cool so I posted here anyway;

That's all I got, for now.

Shadowrun Then And Now

The original Shadowrun on the Sega Genesis.

(vid via LEBATO)

Footage of Shadowrun being played by a dev, in deathmatch

(vid via Halflife84)

In the recent episode of The 1UP radio podcast they talked a little about Shadowrun. There were some comments made about the current version, and how different it was from the original.

That's why I have the two videos, the original Shawdowrun on top and the current version on the bottom. I have to say I like the current version. Or at least I like what I see, have not played it so can't be sure.

There is a hands on preview available at, looks pretty interesting so I included it here. Right!, time to end this post... just got to hit the 'Publish Post' button... wait for it... NOW!

Friday, September 15, 2006

The 1UP Show - Pre-TGS 2006 Special

(vid via doublespy)

This is the latest episode of the 1UP show, in it they talk about the Wii event, and and towards the end, God of War 2. The end part is the main reason I posted this video, why? Dana Jongewaard makes a rare appearance, nuff said.

Camilla VS. The CPU

How is this game related? It is game related via something called PC gaming, thank you.

(vid via Nonym) (found it on digg submitted by phatzui)

Camilla is a beauty from the Norwegian reality show "Prinsessen og Professoren"(The Princess and Professor). Her task will be "one of the most dramatic things you can do to a computer". What is that task? Switch a processor.

I'm right there with you Camilla, although I am somewhat confident that I could do it. I would still need help with pretty much every step since it would be my first time. After all if I f%*@ it up, no more PC. It seems in the video that the people around Camilla are not very sympathetic to her problems, I am.

Worst part about this video is it suddenly ends just when I'm hooked and I want to see more, I hope someone posts the rest of it so I can find out what happens to my fiance, I mean Camilla.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fan Made Video; Nintendo: Oldschool Revolution

Pretty good video, bit of a slow start but once that Zelda music kicked in I was hooked. I like the ending.

Ok bit of a story behind finding this video. I was checking my groups on YouTube when I saw someone had posted this video in one of them. Out of curiosity I clicked play at first I was gonna click my virtual next button when something made me stop. I continued to watch and as I said earlier once the Zelda music kicked in I was hooked.

YouTube groups? But this is a Google video, well when the YouTube version ended I had the strangest feeling that I'd seen it before. I checked the usual places where I get my videos, but nothing. So I 'googled' it and there it was on

I check that site daily so I must have seen it there, I noticed they had the Google video version so I decided to use it. Just to mix it up a bit, little bit YouTube, little bit Google, it's all good. So that's my story. Well I think I'll take a 'Blog Break' and play a video game.

Awesome New Rayman Raving Rabbids Wii Trailer

(vid via Firestorm1776) (found it on posted by malloc)

Fantastic trailer from IGN, it's got me excited about this game again. Good news about the Wii from, it will cost $249.99 and it will be available November 19th. Time to dip into my donut fund, hmmmm a PSP, a DS lite, or the Wii. Or go all the way with the Xbox 360? Notice I did not even mention the PS3. Seems like an obvious choice, but there's still time to think about it.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

NHL 07 (X360) IGN Review

(vid via me)

Good review, I'd like to hear more about that new skill stick innovation mentioned in the video. Hey look, it's a Skill Stick Tutorial, this should be interesting.

(vid via me)

I don't play hockey video games, but for some reason, I like what I'm seeing in NHL 07 for Xbox 360. I'm definitely sold, I'm gonna put this on my "get this game once you have an Xbox 360 " list. IGN also has a full review full of words and stuff, check that out here.

The Godfather Xbox 360 Developer Walkthrough

Pretty good, The Godfather is on my list of games to get for the Xbox, but the 360 version looks like the one to get.

Laura Foy Interview With Penny Arcade

(vid via trickster721) (found it on Digg, submitted by nerdofnerds)

Laura Foy's interview with Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik of Penny Arcade. Laura looks so cute in blue, oh BTW this is from

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tales of Phantasia: Full Voice Edition (PSP) Trailer

From Gamespot "Tales of Phantasia: Full Voice Edition is a PSP port of the PS1 Tales of Phantasia that includes voices for the full main story, in addition to expanded battle modes and characters.Release Date: Sep 07, 2006 (JP)"

Just keeping tabs on the Japanese version of a game that I recently played and had so much fun with I may want to play it again.

Sonic Xtreme for Sega Saturn

This video is from the Crystal Frost level of this unreleased 3D platform game.

(vid via FortNinety)(first saw it on Digg submitted by Optimus)

Sweet video, I luv stuff like this, I can just sit here and watch this kind of stuff all day. Hey that is what I do,heh heh.

The only experience I've had with Sonic has been a Sega Genesis 'plug n play' game I have. I love it, great fun. Sure hope this game sees the light of day in one form or another.

Someone say Wii virtual console? Hmmmm guess it was me. Uh oh I'm hearing voices again.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Amanda Mackay +Penny Arcade Expo 2006= Game Break Joy Part II

In this video Amanda checks out the Exhibition Hall;

In this video Amanda covers the PAX 06 Nintendo Event ;

Amanda Mackay is in front of the camera's once again, and I couldn't be happier. She's so hot, completely fills my heart with joy. Makes me feel like singing a silly love song... uh oh, here it comes;

"You'd think that people would have had enough of silly love songs." "But I look around me and I see it isn't so." "Some people wanna fill the world with silly love songs." "And what's wrong with that?" "Id like to know, cause here I go again" "I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you."

Talkin' 'bout you Amanda.

Armchair Arcade's Atari 2600 VCS Mega Mini Reviews: Part I

Get this video and more at

Well I'm sure you can tell from the video player where I found this one. This is from the video description:

" Bill brings us our first video article from 2004, which features a lively look at five shooting games for the Atari 2600 Video Computer System (VCS): Chopper Command, Defender, Fantastic Voyage, Space Cavern, and Space Jockey."

Pretty good "video article", title implies a part 2, but I couldn't find it. Be interesting to watch part 2, 'cause I enjoyed this one. Seeing all those classic consoles, controllers, and games was neat.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

What the hell is she doing?

Did you watch the video? Did you rupture your spleen like I did? I don't why I find this so funny, I guess 'cause that crazy woman reminds me of my mom.

Even thinking about it now, and I've seen it a few times to get it out of my system, but I lose it the minute she walks into the shot. A very silly walk indeed. Why is she holding her arm like that? What is she saying? What did the guy say to her that set her off?

Seems like I got nothing but questions in this post, but the best one is the one in the title. Can't take credit for it, that question is from the person who uploaded this video "hondo". Wasn't that an Elvis movie?

10 Ways To Know If Your A Noob In Halo

(vid via Eric0213)(Which I found on Digg, submitted by dabomb)

Funny video, fav was the territory bit, very funny. I'm about to add an 11th way to know if your a noob in Halo, by asking the following question.

Are they playing online or regular multiplayer at home? Ok ok I'm a noob, I did play co-op mode in Halo and Halo 2, does that count? Alright add a 12th one.

IGN Looks at Dead or Alive Xtreme 2

IGN not only looked at the game but they interviewed Tomonobu Itagaki(Lead designer,Team Ninja).

(vid via me)

I must be dreaming is that Jessica Chobot in Hawaii with the DOA girls? I'd better double check, yep sure is, sweet. Seems IGN weekly sent Jessica to Hawaii to look at Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 and I'm glad they did. Note to self, don't wake up.

Game Breaks 1st Karaoke Performance Will Be The LocoRoco Theme

I've never done this before, but it should be easy...

(vid via ossianbg)

What the... not easy as I thought, how you do? Hmmm maybe we'd better see how a real pro does it.

(vid via delusion)

Now that's the way it's done, I think I'm ready to try it again, maybe I should look at the Karaoke Etiquette Guide first, just to make sure. Don't know anything about the kid in the second video, whom I believe is performing a song called "Locoroco No Uta", so I can't really give proper credit.

As I was searching for info on this performance I found out from, that "The title song as well as character theme songs were written by Mr. Nobuyuki Shimizu [Wild Arms 4], and other stage songs were written by Mr. Kemmei Adachi."

Now it's story time, once upon a time... I was watching DL.TV, and they were discussing LocoRoco. The subject of the games music came up, I recalled seeing something on Kotaku about LocoRoco. So I did a search and found the second video, which I thought was cute but wasn't sure I could do anything with it.

Then I remembered seeing something from one of the people I subscribe to on YouTube, which is where I found the 1st video. That's when I saw the angle for this post. It's alot fun creating a post, first tracking down something to post then coming up with a title for it. Sure is alot easier to post a trailer or review, work is pretty much done, all I gotta do is post the video, tell ya what it is and boom I'm done.

Don't even want to mention how long it took me to come up with the title to this post. Sometimes I start the post and a title hits me somewhere along the way, don't really put much thought into it... heh heh. Couldn't start this time until I had some kind of idea of where I was going. I guess I can tell ya how long it took... better not.

Oh my brain hurts... I need a nap, yes off to dream sweet dreams of Jessica Chobot and I in Hawaii with the DOA girls, hey when I dream I don't mess around.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

FragDollsUK's Jam visits ATEI 2006

(vid via FragDollsUK)

Ok ok not the most timely coverage there is of the ATEI 2006 show at London's Earl's Court exhibition centre.which took place back in January, not the main reason I'm posting the video anyway.

Jam is the main reason I'm posting this video, I'm a sucker for a pretty face, and those FragDoll shirts are so cute.

Final Fantasy III DS 'Import' Review has this posted as a "review", but it seems to me like it's more of a FINAL FANTASY III 'conversation' between Jeremy Parish and the somekin' hot Jenn Frank.

Hey it's all good, 'cause I get to post a video that features that sweet hottie Jenn Frank, along with some good info and gameplay from FINAL FANTASY III.

True it is the import version featured in the video, but it's great lookin' and so is Jenn, which I'll admit was the main reason I posted the video. : )

Google+Computer Generated Imagery=???

This video features CGI, at least in my opinion can't really confirm if its real or not.

(vid via samwon)

I'll admit there's nothing really amazing about the video(which I found on, other than it gives me a legit reason to include Marissa Mayer in a post. It is in my opinion CGI which is used... that's right in video games, so that covers the video being here.

Now why Marissa Mayer, well the logo used in the video belongs to Google, which is where Marissa Mayer works. See how it all makes sense now. Look at that smile, can't beat it, and those eyes... sweet baby blue, uh oh here we go;

"Guess I got what I deserved" "Kept you waiting there too long, my love" "All that time without a word" "Didn't know you'd think that I'd forget or I'd regret" "The special love I had for you, my baby blue"

Everytime I hear that song, I think of you Marissa. Marissa? Marissa!!! Oh Marissa...

Friday, September 08, 2006

Game Break Explores Subscription-Based Video Game Services

In 1996 there was Sega Channel; This video is a commercial for it...

(vid via trynot2laugh)

In 2006 we have GameTap; In this video, Christopher Grant(Joystiq) interviews David Reed(GameTap)...

Two videos, top one is a Sega Channel commercial, bottom one is a Joystiq interview with GameTap. Why did I post them both?

First some background on , Sega Channel. I've never even heard of Sega Channel, according to Wikipedia; "Sega Channel was a project developed by Sega for the 16-bit Sega Genesis console. Starting in 1994, Sega Channel service was provided to the public by Time Warner Cable and TCI Inc., which later was acquired by the old AT&T during its cable acquisition spree that formed AT&T Broadband."

"For a monthly subscription fee (usually $14.95 depending on where you were located), along with a $25 activation fee, the subscriber would get an adapter, which plugged into the Genesis cartridge slot, and was connected to their cable television connection. The service would provide them with unlimited access to 50 games, selectable through an on-screen menu, with new games appearing every month and later every 2 weeks. The games would be downloaded in about 1 minute and play just like the retail versions."

"To provide Sega Channel, a cable company would need to install new equipment into their head end, integrate service authorization into their sales center, and purchase the game adapters. Game adapters were manufactured by Scientific Atlanta and General Instruments with a cost to the cable operators of approximately $100 per unit."

"Sega Channel ultimately failed due to the retirement of the Sega Genesis game platform and the difficult economics for the cable operators. The service ended in June of 1997." Ahead of it's time perhaps?

Now lets tackle the second video. It's a Joystiq interview with GameTap, I've heard of GameTap, you probably have to, but just in case, for more deets visit Wikipedia.

Now to answer the question, Why did I post them both? I guess I posted the two videos together, 'cause I wasn't sure how to use the Sega Channel commercial, until I saw the GameTap interview. Then as I was about to begin the post a couple things caught my eye; the years 1996 and 2006. Seems 10 years(give or take a year, heh heh) would pass before someone would try another subscription-based video game service.

This attempt by GameTap seems to have gotten it right, I found the Joystiq interview very interesting, I especially like the format, visual. 'cause Walter don't like reading. Reading confuses Walter.

I've heard nothing but positive things about GameTap, and was lookin' for a way to post something on the service. Well a found two, Sega Channel failed, but GameTap seems to be off to a good start. What a difference 10 years and Ted Turner make.

Xbox 360 HD-DVD Price and Video

Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive to cost 199 British pounds, that's 374.3389 U.S. dollars, Yikes! It would be nice to see one of those HD-DVD drives. Maybe a picture? Or better yet a video of it, next to an Xbox 360 for comparison. No problem here it is...

Wow, that Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive is huge, I've seen pictures of it but I got a better sense of the size of it from the video(found on When I first found this video I was gonna post it on Game Green, didn't think I could do anything with it here. But it was interesting so I felt it was worth sharing.

Then I see on this "The Premium Xbox 360 won'’t benefit from a price cut this Christmas - but instead a HD-DVD and console package is due, spearheading a marketing drive of console bundles available from November."

"Retail sources have indicated to that Microsoft is currently planning to price the standalone HD-DVD drive at GBP 199 (293 Euro), and to package it with two HD-DVD movies. The sources also suggested that Microsoft will bundle the Premium console and next-generation movie player together for under GBP 400 (589 Euro) -– and that the price could even be as low as GBP 375 (552 Euros)." Full story here.

Well now I've got a nice opportunity to use a cool video with actual news, which is nice. Makes me feel like a serious game writer; maybe I'll stop posting gameplay videos and trailers. I'll stop confessing my love for every pretty women in gaming I meet.

Instead I'll seek out the serious news items that will benefit my fellow gamers. I'll embark on a personal journey of growth as a serious game journalist... Nah!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Game Break Looks at Video Game Addiction

Today's visual aid is a short film called "Alan: A Video Junkie"

(vid via ClassicGarth)

Although this film was produced in 1982 it's still just as relevant today. And that's all she wrote, sorry just can't stay serious for too long. If you are as old as I am you probably remember seeing this on Saturday Night Live. I thought it was alright back when I first saw it, but seeing it now, kinda... I don't know, it takes me back in a good way.

Funny thing is back then I wasn't really into games that much, I played arcade games a bit, but preferred to stay home like... I... do... now, heh heh. Sure there were home systems, but they just didn't grab me. My down stairs neighbors had the Atari 2600, my upstairs neighbors had the Commodore 64, but I didn't see what the big deal was.

I did get a home system of my own, which I've already revealed in a previous post, the Colecovision. I played a handful of games for it but then lost interest. That all changed when I came back from Atlanta in 2001. What was I doing in Atlanta for all those years? I'll never tell.

Oh by the way, I've got several plug n' play games, and I luv 'em, why do I 'get' those games now but didn't then? Not sure, I guess the name explains it well enough they are 'Plug 'n Play' simple, just turn it on and voom. No disk no cartridge, just batteries, alot of batteries.

Let's see where was I... Ah yes, the year was 2001 the channel G4, the system(s), Ps One and Nintendo 64, all combined to produce what I am today, hello I'm Walter and I'm a Video Game Addict.

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