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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Game Breaks 1st Karaoke Performance Will Be The LocoRoco Theme

I've never done this before, but it should be easy...

(vid via ossianbg)

What the... not easy as I thought, how you do? Hmmm maybe we'd better see how a real pro does it.

(vid via delusion)

Now that's the way it's done, I think I'm ready to try it again, maybe I should look at the Karaoke Etiquette Guide first, just to make sure. Don't know anything about the kid in the second video, whom I believe is performing a song called "Locoroco No Uta", so I can't really give proper credit.

As I was searching for info on this performance I found out from, that "The title song as well as character theme songs were written by Mr. Nobuyuki Shimizu [Wild Arms 4], and other stage songs were written by Mr. Kemmei Adachi."

Now it's story time, once upon a time... I was watching DL.TV, and they were discussing LocoRoco. The subject of the games music came up, I recalled seeing something on Kotaku about LocoRoco. So I did a search and found the second video, which I thought was cute but wasn't sure I could do anything with it.

Then I remembered seeing something from one of the people I subscribe to on YouTube, which is where I found the 1st video. That's when I saw the angle for this post. It's alot fun creating a post, first tracking down something to post then coming up with a title for it. Sure is alot easier to post a trailer or review, work is pretty much done, all I gotta do is post the video, tell ya what it is and boom I'm done.

Don't even want to mention how long it took me to come up with the title to this post. Sometimes I start the post and a title hits me somewhere along the way, don't really put much thought into it... heh heh. Couldn't start this time until I had some kind of idea of where I was going. I guess I can tell ya how long it took... better not.

Oh my brain hurts... I need a nap, yes off to dream sweet dreams of Jessica Chobot and I in Hawaii with the DOA girls, hey when I dream I don't mess around.

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