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Monday, July 31, 2006

Just Cause Game Trailer

Lots of action games have tried to base themselves purely around the concept of lots of ludicrous stunts, but few have taken it to the silly, over-the-top levels that Eidos and developer Avalanche Studios' Just Cause is aiming for. In the game, you play a top-secret operative named Rico Rodriguez. This game looks cool, I'm Hispanic (dad is Puerto Rican and mom is from Ecuador), and it's feels really good to here my family's language coming from the main character in a video game, sweet.

Miami Vice - The Game - Trailer

I noticed that the Miami Vice movie did well at the box office this weekend, so I thought I'd take a look to see if there was new footage for the Miami Vice game. All I found was a trailer, which looks good, but actual gameplay would be better.

Dead Rising 'Weapons' Trailer

On the recent episode of "On The Spot" they had some gameplay of "Dead Rising", it looked like alot of fun. So I went to GameVideos and found some gameplay footage to show my Game Break friends.

Walking Underwater - Super Mario Sunshine

This was added to YouTube by: hellohello111. It's a A tutorial on how to walk underwater...keep watching all the way to see the side effects of tihs glitch! My favorite is the music from Delfino Plaza.

Sunday, July 30, 2006


According to Next-Gen.Biz: The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) shindig has been a staple of game industry life since the mid-1990s. However, we understand the larger exhibitors have jointly decided that the costs of the event do not justify the returns, generally measured in media exposure.

Publishers believe the multi-million dollar budgets would be better spent on more company-focused events that bring attention to their own product lines rather than the industry as a whole.

Well placed sources say the news that larger exhibitors were pulling out had prompted urgent meetings among publishing executives. They decided that, without the support of the larger software publishers and hardware manufacturers, there would be no point in continuing. See what happens when you mess with Wonder Woman, I'm referring to a story Kotaku did about a very pretty woman who was tossed out for not following the E3 dress code, look at the picture, I think she looked great.

Video review - Super Monkey Ball Adventures

Super Monkey Ball Adventure is due out this week so I was looking for some new footage, and I found this on YouTube from Gameworks. It's a spanish review, which is cool I speak spanish, but it was a bit of a challenge trying to follow along with this video, still it was fun.

Konami: Lunar Nights Gameplay

Here is some good gameplay footage from

Grand Theft Auto Benny Hill MashUP

This is pretty funny, I'm a big GTA and Benny Hill fan, this really made me laugh.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Scarface: The World is Yours the game

Have you seen this yet it's the trailer for Scarface: The World is Yours. I read recently that this game has been cancelled for next gen systems. Oh well I'm still looking forward to playing it on one of my current gen systems.

Jeanne d'Arc PSP trailer

This is the trailer for Level 5's PSP strategy RPG Jeanne d'Arc.It gives you a great look at the game: the incredible cel-shaded graphics, to the epic, sweeping music, and the beautifully animated anime cutscenes.

Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy GamePlay

This is gameplay footage of the Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, it looks like fun, can't wait to see more of this game.

Konami RPG Stars launched

Konami officially launched Konami RPG Stars, a Web site intended to host an online community of fans for the publisher's various role-playing series, including Suikoden an Ys. By registering with the site and completing various tasks, players earn "stars" that can be redeemed in the site's online store. I think this is great, I love being rewarded for doing something fun. For more on the story check GameSpot.

Friday, July 28, 2006

E3 06 Morgan Minute: Viva Piñata

I was on YouTube seeing if they had anything new for Viva Piñata, when I found Morgan Webb from X-Play on G4. She was talking about Viva Piñata for the Xbox 360. Cool, I love Morgan Webb she's smart and I trust her opinions on games, if she likes something I know it's worth checking out.

FFIII New Trailer

This was added today on YouTube it's a brand new trailer from the official Japanese FFIII site. Wow, this looks so good and the music is incredible.

Cloning Clyde Gameplay

I found this on YouTube, after seeing some good reviews for it, it's level two of Coning Clyde for Xbox Live Arcade. Looks like fun I like "pick up and play" games like this.

Valkyrie Profile -Lenneth- Opening FMV

Here is another reason for me to get a PSP, this holiday season may be my "can't wait anymore" point.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Animal Crossing Summer tv ad

I like playing video games, and I like watching people play video games, don't know what they are saying but I like the way there saying it.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

I have not seen this trailer for Marvel:Utimate Alliance, it really looks great. I can't wait to see more of this game, seeing all those Marvel characters I grew up with in action is really exciting.

Super Monkey Ball Highlight Reel

Insane Super Monkey Ball clips. This was great I played Super Monkey Ball and sometimes I would get a one in a million shot at the goal, or so I thought, this vid is full of them.

MLB 2K6 - Superman Catch

This was added to YouTube by TheFNGSpot, "This game seems to be full of bugs and glitches even after the 'auto update' from Xbox Live. (This 'glitch' has happened to me 6 times when I played at Fenway park after the update; and YES I checked to see if any cheats were active.. they aren't.)". Well maybe it's not a glitch it could be a "feature".

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Silent Hill Origins - ComicCon interview

Producer William Oertel discusses the story and gameplay mechanics for the newest addition to the Silent Hill franchise with Amanda Mackay.

Mario Commercials Animation Mix

Found this on YouTube, according to the person who added it, this is a collection of rare super mario animations found in commercials. I thought this was pretty good, and I liked the music too, very fun to watch.

Yoshi headlines all-star Christmas cast for American DS

With news of massive worldwide DS sales still booming around boardrooms, of America has unveiled its fourth-quarter handheld line-up with a raft of big names out to sustain the system's momentum. Headlining the US Q4 is Yoshi's Island 2, sequel to one of the Super Nintendo's most critically acclaimed platform games, which is due out on November 13th. The full line-up can be found at

Konami commits to Leipzig Games Convention //

Konami has confirmed its attendance at the Games Convention in Leipzig, with a line-up of five new products from Hideo Kojima's acclaimed development studio. Cool, but what I'm hoping will come out of this is more news on the next Silent Hill game. For more on this story check out

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

How to Protect Your Eyes While Gaming

I found a story on Digg, about Internet war game addict in Beijing who became blind due to a detachment of the retina after obsessive Internet playing, more on this story here. I don't game much on the web I do most of my gaming on consoles, but I recalled seeing another story that listed ways to avoid things like eye and muscle stain while playing on consoles. One of the tips was to take a break every 40 minutes to an hour, get up from the computer or gaming console and stretch your limbs, walk around a bit and look at objects at a great distance. More on this second article can be found here. Well I hope you find something useful in this post, now I think I'll go do some safe gaming, you may be wondering why the picture on the right has two women in bunny ears, well they are gaming and my concern is for all gamers, even the ones wearing bunny ears.

Weird video game - Toilet Kids, Turbografx 16

I found this on YouTube it was added by MrDestructoid, who wrote, "This is a video game about a kid who wakes up in the middle of the night to take a shit, then gets sucked into his toilet and has to battle an army of poo-flinging insects in an expansive tropical world so he can get back to bed. Think I'm kidding? I shit you not! Screenshots and more details on". This is very wierd.

Ten Under-Appreciated Gems

I found this interesting feature, its a list of 10 games that slipped between the cracks or got lost in the shuffle. One of my favorite games of all time, and the first game I played on first PS2(which I gave to my nephew), is #1 ICO. Check out the rest of the list here,

Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of The Patriots E3 Trailer

This is 15min full trailer, I've saw this a while ago but it was recently that I started to post videos to my blog. So if you have not seen this check it out it's really good.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Death, Jr. and the Science Fair of Doom

Konami's Death, Jr. comes to the DS. This was announced at a pre-E3 event in Los Angeles, but this is my first time seeing it, I thought Death, Jr. for the PSP looked great and it's good to see it available for the DS. The game will be completely different than the Death,Jr. sequel that was announced for the PlayStation Portable at the same time, although both games will boast a second playable character in the form of DJ's friend Pandora. More detail and images can be found at GameSpot.

Mass Effect E3 Demo Footage

This game footage looks pretty good. I hope more current gameplay shows up soon.

Paul Schuytema Interview, 1997.

Talks about Apogee, 3D Realms games, and Prey Footage, the portal footage looks really cool.

Nintendo DS Browser Real World Test

This was posted one YouTube by Joshus Zimmerman, he writes "The Nintendo DS Browser hit stores in Japan today. Here is a quick real world test of how it displays some popular webpages". I think this is awesome browsing the web with the DS looks amazing.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The 10 Most Important Modern Shooters

Games.Net did a pretty good feature, they listed the 10 most important modern shooters. Pretty nice collection, some titles I've heard of like Halo2, but others I had not like "System Shock 2". Newcomer Prey was #9.

Making Of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Video Game

In conjunction with Comic-Con Ubisoft unveiled a special trailer which provides a behind-the-scenes look at how thier video game developers in Montreal are working closely with movie makers at Imagi Animation Studios to create the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game based on the new CGI feature-length film coming out March 30, 2007. The new movie derives its tone from the original comic book series and will be grittier than the previous live action films.

"Heroes" for the Wii trailer

From the studio that brought us Killer 7, comes an amazing new title for the Wii: Heroes.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The 55 Greatest Moments in Gaming

I love lists, especially video game lists. For 3 weeks the GamePro editors brawled over the most memorable story twists, boss battles, and game endings in history. The result is this great feature, The 55 Greatest Moments in Gaming. One of my recent favorites was on the list, #4 Shadow of the Colossus.

From Narbacular Drop to Portal

Narbacular Drop is an environmental puzzle video game developed by Nuclear Monkey Software. It was released online for free in 2005 on PC (DX9). It was the Senior game project of students attending DigiPen. The gameplay consists of navigating a dungeon using an innovative portal system. The original Drop team are now all employed at Valve, on the upcoming Portal.

First Look: Star Wars Next Gen

This is the first footage of the next Star wars game, it looks pretty good. I'm just wonderin whether this is actual gameplay or a "target" video.

Mattel to Make Hybrid Video Gaming System

Mattel will release a hybrid video game system called Hyper Scan that combines card collecting and video game playing this fall. The system, set to be released in October, allows players to scan cards that will enhance and modify their battle abilities and make their video game characters more powerful. The system is aimed at kids ages eight and older and is designed to bridge the gap in gaming for kids too old for "plug & play" games, but not yet ready for mature content and expense of high-end video game consoles. More on this story can be found here, Los Angeles Business from bizjournals.

First Look; Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Box Art

Game Informer went to Comic-Con, and got a look at the box art for the DS Game, Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. Take a look at more pics here.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Justice League Heros Gameplay

I've never seen Flash in a video game, cool.

Nintendo Agrees To Fix DS Lite Hinge Cracks

Good news for anybody with a cracked DS lite, they will fix it free according to Gamasutra.

Super Mario 64 time attack 16 minutes

This is amazing, there were times when I shouted, " slow down your gonna fall off", very cool.

Samsung rolls out SCH-B450 gaming phone

Engadget found this cool gaming phone from Samsung. The SCH-B450, it's only available in Korea, but it sure is pretty I mean lovely I mean oh never mind.

Cyclone Charger Stand for Nintendo DS Lite

Gizmodo sure knows how to find cool gadgets, if you have a DS Lite you may want to also have a Cyclone Charger Stand.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

SCEA's Dille Explains Studio Cutback on UMD Movies

GameDaily BIZ: SCEA's Dille Explains Studio Cutback on UMD Movies

In the above article it suggests a reason why watching movies via memory stick rather than UMD's is preferred, because when you use a UMD the spinning of the disk uses up the battery life. People are putting movies on a stick to save battery life. This makes me wonder that perhaps one day games will also be on sticks rather than on the UMD.

Atari Confirms $39 Test Drive X360 Price Point

Gamasutra - Atari Confirms $39 Test Drive X360 Price Point

Game Break loves games but doesn't like to pay $60 for them, so this Atari decision makes me happy.

Newsvine - Cartoon Network Develops Online Game

Newsvine - Cartoon Network Develops Online Game

This is pretty cool, maybe if it succeeds they will to an Adult Swim version.

Xbox : Metal Wolf Chaos

I was on YouTube and found this clip from Metal Wolf Chaos. I played the demo of this, and had a lot of fun. The game is only available in Japan, but maybe that will change someday.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Windows Is Ready to Tout PC’s as Gaming Devices

Windows Is Ready to Tout PC’s as Gaming Devices - New York Times
This was a pretty good article, I do agree that the PC is a very good way to get the best gaming experience possible. If you have a powerful PC, if you don't (like me), then you could upgrade your system which I'm not confident enough to do. It would seem to be easy enough, I know that I need a more powerful processor, but if I make a mistake then instead of a good PC I'll have no PC, which would make me sad.

Trauma Center Double Stylus Tech

This is one of those "why did'nt I think of that" ideas. Someone uses a double stylus technique to play Trauma Center Under The Knife. Awesome, I tried to play this on my DS but it was hard, so I put it aside and dicided to wait till I got the less bulky DS-lite. I think instead of waiting I'll try this instead.

First look: Team Fortress 2

This looks like a preview for a new animated action movie, which if it were I'd see it.

GamePro TV

This was cool, to some this is sort of a second look, but this is the first I've heard of this. It showed some good gameplay of video games that I've heard for, but had not a chance to play yet.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Portal Demonstration from Valve's EA Summer Media Event

This footage is amazing, I thought the portals used in Prey were cool, but the way they used it this demo just blew me away.

Video Game Art

I found this cool site where they have a gallery of game related art. They also have game related comics, for more check out, LifeMeter.

Nintendo DS Lite X1.7 Speed Mod (Overclocking)

Well I'm not sure I'll be trying this mode, but suddenly I feel like playing Super Mario 64 for the DS. I played the Nentendo 64 game which I completed, but could not find the final star. I wanted that star because I heard that something cool happens when you get all stars.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Internet is for Porn by The World of Warcraft Players

Well this is a bit of fun and I'm sure we all had a good time.

High Speed: Ten Racing Games You Shouldn't Do Without

High Speed: Ten Racing Games You Shouldn't Do Without

The above link is from Gamedaily, I love lists like this one, it give me a chance to see games I've never heard of.

DS Lite Is Crackin' Up!

MAXCONSOLE - Nintendo DS - Confirmed: DS Lite Is Crackin' Up!

The above link reminds me of all the problems with dead pixels on the original DS. I was not to concerned about it and a bought a DS, well when I fired it up I found a dead pixel. Now it seems the new DS lite may have some issues with cracking, I think it may be a good idea to wait before I upgrade from my DS to a lite.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

EA Summer Showcase 20 New Titles on 11 Platforms

EA Celebrates Summer with a Showcase of 20 New Titles on 11 Platforms: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

I did not attend this showcase personally, but IGN weekly episode 17 covers the EA event. It looked like a lot of fun, I'm not a big sports game fan, but after seeing the coverage I'm thinking about checking out some of EA' sports titles.

EA Unveils the Lord of The Rings, The White Council

I'm really enjoying blogging about video games, I'm always trying to find content for this blog that I think you will find interesting. Well for some cool news about a new RPG from EA click this EA News.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Say Hello to God Hand

I was listening to a podcast and they said some negative things about God Hand, but this E3 trailer looks like fun. Hopefully a demo may show up so I can decide for myself.

Rumor: Xbox 360 Bundle Pack

There was speculation that the price of the Xbox 360 may be coming down this holiday season, well it seems lately like that won't happen. Now I here that the system may ship at the same price but will be bundled with about $85 worth of extras. Included in the bundle pack will be Project Gotham Racing 3, according to Gamespot, for more info click here.

Friday, July 14, 2006

HEAD (made exclusively for

This was on YouTube, according to the details This video has been produced by TBWA-Paris exclusively for the ARTCADE PlayStation (PlayStation France online galery).

The Coolest and Craziest Videogame Controllers of All Time from

Out of Control: The Coolest and Craziest Videogame Controllers of All Time from

This was a fun item, I recognize some of the controllers but there were some I'd never heard off.

David Lynch PS2 Commercial

I found this on Google Video, the person who posted it, Dennis Hui says " Cool surreal commercial for PS2, made a while back by the master of modern surrealism, David Lynch (Mulholland Dr., Blue Velvet)", I agree David Lynch is one of my favorite directors.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Screenshots, Wallpapers and Pics

IGN: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Screenshots, Wallpapers and Pics

The link at the beginning of this post has some great new game art from the next Zelda game, which even though it's been delayed I'm still very excited about.

DS Lite LCD Stress Test (it passed!)

I would never to this to my DS lite, but still it was an impressive test.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Chinese Coke / World of Warcraft Commercial

a Chinese commercial for World of Warcraft and Coca-Cola

Microsoft to Release 1980s Games for Xbox

Newsvine - Microsoft to Release 1980s Games for Xbox

Yet another reason to break open by piggy bank and by a Xbox 360

Gaming hall of fame: the GBA's best games

Gaming hall of fame: the GBA's best games - CNET Reviews

Good list of games I have two of them, but I'm still looking.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Free Year's Subscription to Electronic Gaming Monthly

Another Free Year's Subscription to Electronic Gaming Monthly - Gizmodo

I found the above link via Gizmodo, free stuff rocks.

Gears of War Box Art

Gears of War Box Art - Xbox

These guys are so badass they don't even need helmets. Check out the link at the beginning of this post for info on Gears of War.

XBOX 360 Game: Bullet Witch Looks Awesome

I found some great gameplay video on GameBrink for a XBOX 360 game called Bullet Witch, wow the game looks amazing. Throughout the video their are bullets constantly flying by, the sounds and images are intense. If you would like to see the video click here. For more info on the game check out IGN, and for some cool screen shots go to GameSpy.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Idea: "The Maxx " Video Game

I first saw The Maxx on MTV's Oddities, and I thought it was fantastic. If somone were to develope it into a game I'd be so excited.

Now Playing; Thief: Deadly Shadows

July is my XBOX month, and when I'm not checking out my favorite game blogs or posting on my own I'll be playing, Thief: Deadly Shadows. I first heard of this game on the G4 show X-PLAY, the gameplay looked great, it reminded me of Splinter Cell. I found out later that this was another game in the Thief series, the earlier ones were PC titles. More info on the game including screen shots, gameplay footage, and a video review can be found at one of my favorite game sites, Gamespot.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Remember Mario 128?

Mystery of Super Mario 128 disappearance solved by Shigeru Miyamoto -

I had first heard of Mario 128 in a magazine, I didn't have a PC so I couldn't do research on the game like I can today. Now I can just "google" it (that's google with a small g). The above link does clarify a little what Mario 128 was and what it might be in the future. If you like more info click on this link to Wikipedia.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Future of PC Gaming?

This is a concept of what good be a simpler to modify PC. I found this Dell XCS on one of my favorite tech blogs, Gizmodo. The idea of making a PC easier to tinker with sounds like a good one, because one of the reasons I've stayed away from PC games is that in order for the games to run smoothly I'd have to open up my PC case and upgrade some of the parts. The fact that if I made a mistake could permanently damage my PC, keeps me from getting under the hood. So a concept like the Dell XCS, which seems to have an error proof modification system, looks very cool. For more info click here.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Portable XBOX 360?

I was checking out the gaming section of my favorite tech news site, Digg, and I saw that someone had submitted a story about the XBOX 360. There is a rumor that I'd heard a while ago and again today about a possible portable XBOX 360. If Microsoft does do this, I think it would be great, because I'm a big portable games fan. If you would like more info on this rumor check out this link.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Assassin's Creed Not Just For PS3

According to a post on Gamers Daily, Assassin's Creed will be available on XBOX 360 and PC. I think this is good, because it will be interesting to see which version of the game will look the best.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Sega, Ubisoft, and Game Break want a PS3 price drop in 2007

Sega, Ubisoft want a PS3 price drop in 2007 - Joystiq
I definitely agree with the points made in the above link. I'm a big game fan, but I haven't even picked up a XBOX 360 because of the price.

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