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Friday, July 21, 2006

Nintendo Agrees To Fix DS Lite Hinge Cracks

Good news for anybody with a cracked DS lite, they will fix it free according to Gamasutra.

Ohhh no they will not fix your nintendo ds lite for free! I talked to a nintendo service tech today and in no way shape or form will they fix ANY hinge break. They consider it abuse and NOT a defect. Even though my sons ds lite is only a few months old they
still want to charge me between $50 and $80 to repair it. I argued that this is our THIRD ds lite with a hinge break and from all the blog forums online it's obvious
there is a defect. They said there is no defect just misuse. The conversation ended by me telling him that I'm contacting the attorney general to voice my complaint. I hope more people contact thier attorney general to
register a complaint and maybe nintendo will finally have to make
a recall and fix this once and for all!!!
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