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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pre-X06: Euro Babes

Team Xbox takes a look at what's going on in Barcelona before X06 begins tomorrow. I'm sure this video will be filled with great "behind" the scenes footage and maybe some first looks at games that will be showcased in X06, let's watch...

(vid via me)

Hey wait a minute, I didn't see any video games, there was no gaming news in this video at all. Why did you post it Walter? 'Cause it is Barcelona where Microsoft's X06 will be held, and it is a video from Team Xbox. Making it game related. I see the logic Mr.Spock I mean Walter.

Don't know what X06 is? Well check out this link for the deets, and this link for another video and photos from Team Xbox. What am I gonna do?... rather not say, thank you. : )

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