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Friday, September 22, 2006

Jade Raymond in Assassin'S Creed Development Diary; Storyline

(vid via me)

Jade Raymond (Producer of Assassin'S Creed) talks with us about the storyline of this next-gen muti-platform title. Right then, that's out of the way now for the good stuff.

Jade? I wrote a little song to express how I really feel about you, it's called "I am a Goofball in love" Would you like to hear it? Great...

"Life is a moment in space, when the dream is gone it'’s a lonelier place" "I kiss the morning goodbye, but down inside you know we never know why" "The road is narrow and long, when eyes meet eyes and the feeling is strong" "I turn away from the wall, I stumble and fall but I give you it all"

"I am a goofball in love, and I'd do anything to get you into my world, and hold you within" "It'’s a right I defend, over and over again" "What do I do" Oh Jade...

[ok I pinched the lyrics from BARBARA STREISAND'S "WOMAN IN LOVE" heh heh terrible sorry.]

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