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Sunday, September 17, 2006

IGN Presents; Jessica Chobot in Steal Away

From IGN Weekly# 25 comes a look at Jessica Chobot in lingerie in Shanghai, sweet. Oh and a look at Splinter Cell: Double Agent;

(vid via me)

I luv this kind of stuff, when it's done right. Having Jessica in lingerie for the entire segment is doing it right. Sure flat out previews of games are ok, but this one was fun, and I got to see Jessica in bed.

The title "Steal Away", I borrowed that from a song by Robbie DuPree, I thought the title and song kind of fit the video. What's that? Sure I'd luv to sing a little bit of it;

"C'mon and hold me, just like you told me" "Then show me what I want to know" "Why don't we steal away?, Why don't we steal away into the night? ,I know it ain't right"

"Tease me, why don't you please me?, Then show me what you came here for" "Why don't we steal away?, Why don't we steal away into the night?"

Jessica are ya listening darling... Jessica? Jessica? Jessica!!!! Oh Jessica...

Very nice! I like it. arthritis foundation
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