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Friday, September 15, 2006

Camilla VS. The CPU

How is this game related? It is game related via something called PC gaming, thank you.

(vid via Nonym) (found it on digg submitted by phatzui)

Camilla is a beauty from the Norwegian reality show "Prinsessen og Professoren"(The Princess and Professor). Her task will be "one of the most dramatic things you can do to a computer". What is that task? Switch a processor.

I'm right there with you Camilla, although I am somewhat confident that I could do it. I would still need help with pretty much every step since it would be my first time. After all if I f%*@ it up, no more PC. It seems in the video that the people around Camilla are not very sympathetic to her problems, I am.

Worst part about this video is it suddenly ends just when I'm hooked and I want to see more, I hope someone posts the rest of it so I can find out what happens to my fiance, I mean Camilla.

Well Walter, im not

They try to explain to her where it is located.

And right away because its not the answer she wants, or she does not understand it, she stops listing, and just says "that wasent my question"

The geek tells her this is the pc, thats is only the screen, and instead of asking a followup question to understand better she just ignores his information and storms out of the room.

The probem is a typical PEBCAK(Use your google foo on that one)

And my advice to her is this. Work as a prostitute
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