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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fan Made Video; People of Battlefield 2

(vid via Sc0oByDo0)

Oooooh my head, why did I consume so much? I shouldn't even have that stuff, old habits die hard. Oooooh my head, just a little bit won't hurt, yeah right. The whole day wasted, 'cause of that little bit plus a bunch more little bits. Oooooh my head, that's it no more ice cream for me, if I can't eat it responsible then I shouldn't eat it at all.

Sorry I'll try to focus, I first saw the above video on, it was posted by one of my favorite MySpace friends, Faith Naked... Ouch! I always burn my fingers when I type her name... : ) The video is hilarious, but the best part for me was the music, great choice.

Here is a direct link to her post, "Are People Really This Stupid Online?". I luv that title. For some reason this video has resparked an interest in online gaming, 'cause they look like they are having fun in the video. Well I need to get another cup of Java... oooooh my head.

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