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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Game Break Looks at Video Game Addiction

Today's visual aid is a short film called "Alan: A Video Junkie"

(vid via ClassicGarth)

Although this film was produced in 1982 it's still just as relevant today. And that's all she wrote, sorry just can't stay serious for too long. If you are as old as I am you probably remember seeing this on Saturday Night Live. I thought it was alright back when I first saw it, but seeing it now, kinda... I don't know, it takes me back in a good way.

Funny thing is back then I wasn't really into games that much, I played arcade games a bit, but preferred to stay home like... I... do... now, heh heh. Sure there were home systems, but they just didn't grab me. My down stairs neighbors had the Atari 2600, my upstairs neighbors had the Commodore 64, but I didn't see what the big deal was.

I did get a home system of my own, which I've already revealed in a previous post, the Colecovision. I played a handful of games for it but then lost interest. That all changed when I came back from Atlanta in 2001. What was I doing in Atlanta for all those years? I'll never tell.

Oh by the way, I've got several plug n' play games, and I luv 'em, why do I 'get' those games now but didn't then? Not sure, I guess the name explains it well enough they are 'Plug 'n Play' simple, just turn it on and voom. No disk no cartridge, just batteries, alot of batteries.

Let's see where was I... Ah yes, the year was 2001 the channel G4, the system(s), Ps One and Nintendo 64, all combined to produce what I am today, hello I'm Walter and I'm a Video Game Addict.

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