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Friday, September 29, 2006

The 1UP Show's: Lair demo walkthough

(vid via doublespy)

Pretty good, I like what I see. Factor 5's Lair for PS3 has hooked me, I'm in. Better late than never I guess, the reason I write that is I'd heard some good things about this game but the concept just didn't grab me, although I knew there were videos I could look at to get a better idea I just didn't check 'em out.

The that make me goofball numero uno. Interesting piece of info comes out right in the beginning of the video, apparently Lair was designed with a motion sensing controller in mind and plan b was a regular stick controller, don't you think that's interesting... ... just me huh? Oooooook.

Anyways this game is going on my "if I ever get a PS3 get this game" list. Which judging by the size of my piggy bank should be oh I'd say by the time just around near kinda almost sorta if I'm very frugal it will certainly be, wait a moment let me check these figures, ah yes, NEVER!!!

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