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Friday, September 22, 2006

IGN'S Just Cause Video Review

(vid via me)

... ... umm not a very positive review, gosh darnit, I was really lookin' forward to this game. The video clearly shows things which should not be there in a next-gen or current gen title. Even if I were to pick it up at a nice low price I would not expect to find that kind of stuff. If you like reading you can find IGN's full written review here.

As for me I'm not happy, maybe a little Camel Spotting will help. What is Camel Spotting? Oh I'm so glad you asked; Camel Spotting is when I go and see if a can spot any Camels and then put them down in my Camel Spotting book.

Want to try it? Hello? HELLOOO!!! Oh your no fun anymore.

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