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Friday, September 08, 2006

Xbox 360 HD-DVD Price and Video

Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive to cost 199 British pounds, that's 374.3389 U.S. dollars, Yikes! It would be nice to see one of those HD-DVD drives. Maybe a picture? Or better yet a video of it, next to an Xbox 360 for comparison. No problem here it is...

Wow, that Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive is huge, I've seen pictures of it but I got a better sense of the size of it from the video(found on When I first found this video I was gonna post it on Game Green, didn't think I could do anything with it here. But it was interesting so I felt it was worth sharing.

Then I see on this "The Premium Xbox 360 won'’t benefit from a price cut this Christmas - but instead a HD-DVD and console package is due, spearheading a marketing drive of console bundles available from November."

"Retail sources have indicated to that Microsoft is currently planning to price the standalone HD-DVD drive at GBP 199 (293 Euro), and to package it with two HD-DVD movies. The sources also suggested that Microsoft will bundle the Premium console and next-generation movie player together for under GBP 400 (589 Euro) -– and that the price could even be as low as GBP 375 (552 Euros)." Full story here.

Well now I've got a nice opportunity to use a cool video with actual news, which is nice. Makes me feel like a serious game writer; maybe I'll stop posting gameplay videos and trailers. I'll stop confessing my love for every pretty women in gaming I meet.

Instead I'll seek out the serious news items that will benefit my fellow gamers. I'll embark on a personal journey of growth as a serious game journalist... Nah!

Is not true you can't see on the HD DVD the movies on 1080p,you need the cable HDMI in which the HD DVD does not bring.
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