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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Amanda Mackay meets and greats the TGS 06 Cosplayers

I'm such a dope, saw this video a while back didn't check it out. Then a few minutes ago a see it again but notice something I didn't see the first time. In the tumbnail image was a little Amanda Mackay. That's all it took, soon as the video was done I headed for the embed code, and here she is.

There was one part in the video that made my heart skip a beat, Amanda was talking to someone outside when the wind blew, OMG!!! (G stands for goodness, thank you). I need to lay down too much excitement isn't good for me.

Ohhhh!!! What's wrong Walter? It's my heart. Your heart, what is it? A large muscle that circulates blood through my body... ... very funny, I meant what's WRONG with your heat. Oh! It's breaking, Amanda the heartbreaker has struck again.

Haha your comments are as funny as the video. Keep it up! :)
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