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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Okami Video Review by GameSpot

(vid via me)

Pretty good review by Greg Kasavin Executive Editor at GameSpot. I've already heard most of this info and have made up my mind to get this game pretty much day 1, but it's good to here such a positive review.

My PS2 will luv this game, I've got a bunch of games waiting to be played on my shelf so there is time to get Okami, hopefully it will drop in price soon. I buy my games at $20 or less, 'cause I like my money, don't like to spend it. Except on apple fritters, those are good haven't had one in a while but my sweet tooth is really itching for one. Better get my mind off that and play my game of the moment which you can find on the right under "now playing".

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