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Friday, September 29, 2006

Amanda Mackay goes on a Akihabara Electronics District Tour

Let the good times roll, it's Amanda Mackay! Fantastic, I've seen footage of the Akihabara Electronics District before but I never get tired of it.

Did you catch the bit where Amanda is in the store and says "check this out" cut to the outside and you see Amanda and right "behind" her is a guy walking past who does what I would do in the same situation he checks out Amanda's, heh heh, you know.

Amanda? Is it over? No more video? Aww darn it, just when I was having fun. You know something Amanda;

"All my life I've never stopped to worry `bout a thing, open up and shout it out,an never try to sing." "Wondering if I've done it wrong, will this depression last for long." "Wont you tell me, where have all the good times gone?"

Yep where have they gone, been a looooong time, toooooo long. I think I'd better change the subject or better yet end it.

[Van Halen; Where Have All The Good Times Gone!]

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