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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Shadowrun Then And Now

The original Shadowrun on the Sega Genesis.

(vid via LEBATO)

Footage of Shadowrun being played by a dev, in deathmatch

(vid via Halflife84)

In the recent episode of The 1UP radio podcast they talked a little about Shadowrun. There were some comments made about the current version, and how different it was from the original.

That's why I have the two videos, the original Shawdowrun on top and the current version on the bottom. I have to say I like the current version. Or at least I like what I see, have not played it so can't be sure.

There is a hands on preview available at, looks pretty interesting so I included it here. Right!, time to end this post... just got to hit the 'Publish Post' button... wait for it... NOW!

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