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Saturday, September 23, 2006

White Knight Story (PS3) TGS 06 Trailer

(vid via me)

Wow, where did this one come from? I heard about this PS3 game from the current 1UP podcast (or netcast as Leo wants to call it, me too) amazing looking RPG.

"In the game, a coming-of-age ceremony for the princess of a peaceful land is disrupted by a mysterious group dressed in black. They burn down the castle and murder the king, but before they can get to the princess, a young wine merchant who meets the princess by chance sneaks her away into the castle's underground vault. There they discover a relic pulled from ancient ruins, the armor of the White Knights."

The above trailer "shows several minutes of gameplay, with the main character and two traveling companions ambushed along a road by a group of soldiers in black armor. The combatants pair off and battle one-on-one for the most part, until the player characters get a numbers advantage and begin to doubleteam their opponents."

"Most of the combat in the first skirmish is more swords than sorcery, but things take a larger-than-life turn a little on down the road, when a giant fire-spewing, spiderlike boss appears to attack the trio. At this point the lightly armored protagonist responds by plunging a dagger into his gauntlet and transforming into a white knight alter ego, every bit as imposing as the boss, and the trailer comes to a close." The info in quotes came from Gamespot.

It's still early, after all it's my first time hearing about this game but I'm sure gonna keep my eyes open for more info on this one.

A preview of White Knight Story from IGN can be found here.

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