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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fan Made Video; Nintendo: Oldschool Revolution

Pretty good video, bit of a slow start but once that Zelda music kicked in I was hooked. I like the ending.

Ok bit of a story behind finding this video. I was checking my groups on YouTube when I saw someone had posted this video in one of them. Out of curiosity I clicked play at first I was gonna click my virtual next button when something made me stop. I continued to watch and as I said earlier once the Zelda music kicked in I was hooked.

YouTube groups? But this is a Google video, well when the YouTube version ended I had the strangest feeling that I'd seen it before. I checked the usual places where I get my videos, but nothing. So I 'googled' it and there it was on

I check that site daily so I must have seen it there, I noticed they had the Google video version so I decided to use it. Just to mix it up a bit, little bit YouTube, little bit Google, it's all good. So that's my story. Well I think I'll take a 'Blog Break' and play a video game.

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