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Friday, September 22, 2006

Xbox 360; BioShock GamePlay with Developer Commentary

(vid via me)

I've known about this video since IGN released an announcement about it on the 19th. As soon as it was available I got "me" to send it up to YouTube.

Well as soon as it was ready to embed I was ready to post it. Without even seeing it 'cause this was the first footage of any kind for Bioshock. I've heard good things about this game from people who covered E3 06, at the time I saw the screenshots but they never really do it for me so I was waiting for video of some kind.

Which I now had, I did a quick scan of the usual suspects and no one was covering it so I figured if I move fast I'll be the first, sweet. I started the post, formatted the video and got ready to watch it for the first time.

After the video was over I was left with a kind of "I don't get it" feeling. Well if you don't get it Walter why post it? I'm posting it 'cause I'm starting to get a little more confident about sharing my personal opinions, took me almost two days to find the nerve but I found it. Also it's getting dull always posting thinks I'm really into.

After all in the real world when I'm with someone I point out things I like as well and stuff I don't get. That's all I'm doing is letting you know about this video and telling you I personally don't get it but you may like it.

Yes it took me a couple of days to finally find the nerve to share my unsure feeling about Bioshock but now that I have, it feels good. So what do you think about the video? Oh sorry go ahead and watch it I'll wait. How long is it? Hey that's a rather personal question... oh the video heh heh right, 14 mins 14 seconds.

I'll wait here then shall I? Right... ... ... BURMA!!! Sorry I panicked. Actually I think I'll pop off now and go browse through my MySpace Top 24 the hottest Top 24 on the net especially since Blair Butler (G4) added a smoking hot new profile picture sweet Mary Lou what a rocking pair of legs.

Check her out her out for yourself, as soon as you've finished watching the video, you can find Blair in my Top 24 which is... here.

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