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Saturday, September 30, 2006

XTetrisHookerX in The Duck Huntress

Very very nice, XTetrisHookerX sure has some pretty sweet skills, emphasis on pretty. Lets hear from her shall we;

Hey gang,
XTetrisHookerX here.
I got so bored of pwning all of you n00bz in WoW and Halo 2 that I decided it's time to blow your brains with a montage that showcases some REAL skillz!
What you'll find in MY skillz showcase is the most impressive collection of head shots, no scopes, one shot kills and 100-0s you'll ever find.
But, I swear to god if that $%&# DOG %#@%&$% LAUGHS AT ME ONE MORE GOD %@$% TIME!!!...

Well XTetrisHookerX you've done real fine job with this video, I suggest you do more of them... soon... please.

UpDate; Sunday Oct 1, 2006

BTW this video as XTetrisHookerX told you is for a GameTrailers contest which you can learn more about here.

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