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Monday, September 18, 2006

The Race by Istiv Studio

From the person who added this to Google Video "Incredible, award-winning rotoscoped anime mashup combining footage from over 100 anime movies." The result is this video a "Whacky Race", as the producer calls it.

Here is more from the producer; "The idea to do such a video came on a discussion with Tyler. We were talking about the numerous scenes of people running in animes. I also had instantly the idea to use this to do a sort of marathon of anime characters. I started so to prospect for concepts to put into this race."

"The first difficulty was to find a sort of scenario to this video. As i often say, one of my goal in amvmaking is to do more scenaristic videos, like Vlad did wih "Transcending love" [réf.] or E-ko in "Tainted Donuts" [réf.]. I realy wanted to do something different from "Shounen Bushido" or "Project Love united". So i search for a story that can motivate the characters to participate to the race. I had the idea of a mysterious Great Prize that no one know what it is. So the participants are imagining what they wondering deeply in their own anime story. And one of the stress i put on me was to absolutely not do another "singing" video. Now i have the background of the video, i started to search the characters."

"The first character wich came in mind was Spike from Cowboy Bebop since i already saw him running in "Tainted Donuts". To say the true, it is possible that this video indirectly influenced me in making this video. But i really wanted to do something different evan if it was still people running inside. Then i think about Luffy of One Piece on second. Because, every funny thing ou need in AMV, you can be sure Luffy did it. Naruto, Kirua from Hunter X Hunter, and Edward of Full Metal Alchemist came after that. Once i had my main charcters, i started to edit the scenes, and see what can i do with the different piece of anime i had."

"After a few minutes of editing i realize that, just putting characters in a race, make them run from a point to an other, should be boring. So i had the idea to put in it some "Chibi Things"-like fighting. Now my race became a fighting race. A sort of "Wacky Race" with participants, tricking, cheating, to win the great prize. I was prepared to do a lot of rotoscoping, but at this point i never imagined how much of cutings i'm going to do, to complete this project. After 1 year of editing, and many stops caused by boringness, world of warcraft or my Ph D. rush ... i finally finish the vid."

"I would like to thanks some editors for the help they provided: Kirua for making me discover the song, and for the sequences i lacked of and he sent it to me ; and Laria for reviewing my beta version and tell me where i needed to correct some misshaps. If you have time, go look their videos, and let an opinion ;). I would like to thanks [R]ay and Ayor which are not amvmakers but that helped a lot by providing me some stuff i didn't have in my stock of anime videos."

How is this video game related? Well there were certain anime characters used in the video who are... that's right in video games. I'll let you figure out who.

You can find a list of all the anime used in the video here.


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