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Saturday, September 23, 2006

New Devil May Cry 4 TGS Trailer

(vid via me)

IGN just added a new trailer for Devil May Cry 4, and it looks great. Only one think confuses me, everything. Ah what's going on? According to IGN "In Devil May Cry 4, players control the formidable Nero who comes to grips with his newly found power as his beliefs and allegiance are tested."

Who is Nero? Again from IGN "Long ago the Dark Knight Sparda rebelled against the dark emperor and waged a one-man war to save humanity. Thousands of years later, a religious organization worships this renowned savior and has taken it upon themselves to rid the world of all evil. Residing in Fortuna, this organization is known as the "Order of the Sword," and is made up of an elite group of "Holy Knights." One day a young knight named Nero witnesses Sparda'’s legendary son Dante slaughter his fellow warriors. Has the renowned devil hunter turned his back on mankind? What does this encounter mean for these two individuals?"

I'm lost; so there was Devil May Cry which I played ('cause Tina and Laura did a spoof of a cut scene from the game on Classic G4), then there was Devil May Cry 2 which was a flat out sequel (a game I played despite bad reviews and regret having played it. Completed it only for the sake of finishing what I started, but I can't recommend it), there was also Devil May Cry 3 a prequel to the original Devil May Cry.

What then is Devil May Cry 4? A sequel to DMC 2 or DMC 3? A prequel to DMC 2? Well I'm gonna get no matter what it is. Still have not picked up DMC 3 yet, not sure if I want the original DMC 3 or Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition.

Time to dig up the old piggy bank and do some shopping, noooooo! I can't do it, I like my money I don't want to let it go. Well I do want to get caught on the Devil May Cry series, I suppose a little dip into the piggy bank won't kill me.

After all it's only m... it's only mm... nope can't say it. Won't say it, NEVER! NEVER!!! Alright alright I give, I'll say it, I'll sat it.

DESTINY! DESTINY! no escaping death for me destiny destiny no escaping death for... heh heh, sorry. That's from one of my favorite movies. Which one? Guess, : )

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