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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Rainbow Six: Vegas Demo Video

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas, a new tactical shooter for the Xbox 360 and PS3. As the title suggests, the game will take place in the glamorous city of Las Vegas--specifically, you'll play as Logan Keller, the current leader of the elite military squad known as Team Rainbow, on a hostage rescue mission. A civilian VIP named Dr. Schmidt has apparently been taken hostage in one of the glitziest resorts on the strip, along with a group of other civvies who are being held hostage by (wait for it) crazed terrorists armed to the teeth. The terrorists have made it known that they're playing for keeps and have threatened to kill one hostage every hour until their demands are met (or until they're all shot in the head by an elite military squad, whichever comes first). [via Gamespot]

That was a little info on the game, in case you haven't seen the video, it's the first 5 minutes of the demo. Do you like watching other people play games? I do, I like to watch... cheeky. Seriously, it looks like fun, I like that, cover system I think it's called. You know, when your character hits the wall and comes out of first person and slides into third. Real nice, he shoots and reloads and takes headshots, it's beautiful. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas Release Date: Nov 14, 2006

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