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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Kikizo Video Interview; Peter Moore

(vid via me)

Very good interview with Peter Moore by Kikizo, who wrote; "As the busy month of September came to a close, it was tough to keep up with all the new games, announcements and rumours doing the rounds - not to mention all the travelling. Microsoft's Peter Moore was busier than anyone - making a stop in India for its own launch of Xbox 360, in between attending the Tokyo Game Show and most recently, X06 in Barcelona, which is where he rushed straight over to Kikizo to offer this extensive new video interview"

I really enjoyed this, I've seen photos of Peter Moore many times in different blogs and footage of him at various game events, but it was good to hear him talk, it was almost as it I were a real video game journalist and I was there with those other pros listening to Mr. Moore take questions and writing notes and whatever the pros do.

Thanks you Kikizo, looking forward to your next video interview... *cough* with Jade Raymond *cough* Well a fella can dream can't he?

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