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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Family Guy 'Stewie' Gameplay

(vid via doublespy)

The following is from; "In the second Stewie level that we took a look at, he was attempting to rescue his father, Peter, from a hospital. Although one of the hospital sequences took the form of a vertically scrolling shooter, in which Stewie used his ray gun to take out doctors, nurses, and orderlies, much of the baby's time was spent solving puzzles using his mind-control helmet. Predictably, the helmet is used to assume control of other characters in the game, and without wishing to give any of the puzzles away, we can tell you that both Glen Quagmire (the pervy guy from next door) and Death himself came in very useful. The hospital level came to an end when Stewie gained access to Peter, shrunk himself, and went inside the old guy's body, Inner Space-style."

I'm pretty sure the video is the level Gamespot is refering to, Family Guy the video game, not completely sold yet, but I'm thinking about it, which is a good thing.

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