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Friday, October 27, 2006

The Final Clover Interview on Video?

(vid via me)

I found this on who wrote; "It's a new video interview, with the adorable Atsushi Inaba. We're pretty sure this is his last ever Clover Studio interview but we're too emotional to care. Just watch!"

"Just two weeks ago today, it was announced that Inaba's Clover studio was to dissolve back into Capcom, and although it's sad to see the loss of his unique seal of quality, one thing you'll learn from this exclusive video interview is that he has no plans for that heritage to stop.

In what we believe is the last ever video interview with Mr Inaba in his role as CEO of the Clover business, you'll get new insight into his time working on everything from Viewtiful Joe to God Hand - and we're certain his talk about the future will cheer up any fan of Clover's games to date."

Read more from here and here.

Fab interview, there questions asked that knowing what I know makes them so revealing? I guess that's how you put it. The interviewer didn't know at the time what was about to happen to Clover but Atsushi Inaba must have, so when certain questions where asked, it was interesting to see his facial expressions know what I know now, then they meant nothing. As far as anybody knew. I luv his haircut btw, I need to mine like that.

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