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Friday, October 27, 2006

Final Fantasy Friday; Final Fantasy XII Trailer 2

Well it looked like this day would come to a close with no FFXII vid to post, but then came through for me and posted this trailer, sweet. Well only four more day's for FF XII to arrive in stores. Should be a good time, I'm sure they'll be coverage of people waiting in line, always fun.

*Editor Warning Walter going off topic leave now*

Crazy week for me, don't want to bore you with the details, it's funny how reality sneaks up sometimes. Shake it off, get back up and move on, yep. Let's see, you know when the game is due and what system it's for, if you don't, PS2 and Oct 31st.

I'm going to crash now, and dream of a pretty blonde with a killer smile. Who? She knows who she is, a real heartbreaker. She's beautiful, a real angel, but if you want to try and guess you'll find her in the hottest Top 24 on Myspace, which is right here.

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