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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Silent Hill - Usagi

Silent Hill - Usagi
Uploaded by NoirJet

Usagi is a feature from "Lost Memories: The Art and Music of Silent Hill", "Released only in New York, it is a second and most popular multimedia DVD. Divided into seven sections, it contains full soundtracks, trailer collections, artwork, renders and creature galleries from all three games as well as additional music videos: Ki-no-ko, Fukuro, Usagimu and video with Heather performing the song 'You're Not Here' from SH3 OST." [via Wikipedia]

"Lost Memories: The Art and Music of Silent Hill" was reviewed by; Michael Johnson, Games Editor for Monsters at play, who wrote; "The other feature here is called "Usagi", which probably won't mean anything until you realize that this piece is referring to the bloody rabbit mascot from Silent Hill 3. Oh yeah!"

"This short music video, directed by Takayashi Tanaka and set to another original tune from Akira Yamaoka, finds Usagi prancing about the nightmare world of Silent Hill 3. One moment Usagi is riding an elevator, head twitching all the way, and the next moment he's wheeling around one of his brothers on a hospital gurney. It's very weird and very cool, and reveals a seldom-seen playful side of Team Silent's developers."

This video is so odd, I get such strange feeling when I see images from any of the Silent Hill games. That rabbit is up to no good, you'd better believe it. Well this sure is the right month for this kind of video huh? I have to get that DVD according to the review and the Wiki entry, there is a lot more awesome content to see, groovy.

Gotta love Robbie the Rabbit. Where did you find that film? I heard about it but never actually saw it.
That rabbit freaks me out, it's in Silent Hill 4 too. There is something it does in that game which still haunts me to this day. The video? I found it on the video players site, they have this feature where you can see recently added videos , I believe thats how I came across it.
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