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Sunday, October 08, 2006

How to Talk smack over Xbox Live

(vid and title via AgentDark)

Fantastic, so funny, if this is what it's like on Xbox live I'm in. Yes I know this video has been around for a while but Game Break hasn't, this is the first I've seen this video and posted it here.

Just like I do whenever I find a video while I'm 'youtubeing', before I post it I 'google' it. This video has been around for a while, one of my "Friends" on the right over there posted this in 2005.

Heh heh, better late than never I guess. Hey! I didn't goof around in this post my meds must be kicking in. Awe nvts! Gets real boring around here when I'm normal.

Well while there is still a little goofy left in me; Walter? Yes? Is this your blog? Yes it is. It's very nice, be terrible if anything happened to it. What you mean? Well things get broken, don't they. Yes I guess they do but what's that got to do with my blog?

If you don't "forget" to take your meds, things might get broken. Right! That's it, I'm ending this post it's very silly. Oh your just saying that 'cause you can't think of a punch line.

And scene, not my best but, like Kirk said in Star Trek IV "Your not exactly catching us at our best", "That much is certain", "Live long and prosper", "I have been and always shall be your friend", "Spock is my best officer, and my friend" "Where do you think we belong?' "You, by his side, like you've always been there and always will"... sorry I like Star Trek. "Engage" "Make it so" yeah those too, heh heh.

Hi folks
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