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Monday, October 16, 2006

Lego Star Wars 2 - Review by Cola

Lego Star Wars2 - Review
Uploaded by colagamereviews

Good job Cola, this post won't be easy; it's story time, so sit back and relax. When I first saw this video, I was struck by Cola's beauty. I thought, sweet, I'll post this video and do my routine where I confess my luv for a total stranger, always fun.

I wanted material to play with so I looked for info on Cola, I found, no material there. It's a very nice site and I'm not going to use it in one of my character studies.

Which is all I'm doing when I practically propose to... well I won't mention any names, but it's all fun, just acting. Yes, before I wanted a career in video games I wanted one in Hollywood.

Anyway, the video is here, mainly 'cause Cola is so pretty, but also it's a good review of the game. Hopefully someone will stumble upon this little blog and discover Cola and the good work she's doing at, I'll just finish off with a few words from their site;

"kid confidence is a community of parents on a mission!" "We are building an amazing community of like-minded, engaged and caring parents to create an exhaustive reference library of information about computer games and how they affect your children.

Articles, editorial features, parent'’s blogs & forums, and video reviews of all types of content and media titles are presented within a highly searchable and easy to use interface."

Sounds great, good luck, Cola, I guess I can be serious when I want too.

Read her Blog at
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