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Thursday, October 26, 2006

CES 1990 Local Video Game News Report

(vid via ARMspooie)

I luv seeing this kind of footage, I first saw this on, they wrote; "One of our forum regulars Spooie has given INTER-NET a glimpse into what game news was like before INTER-NET.
Basically its a local news report on the Consumer Electronics Show from 1990 featuring some hype on Moonwalker for Genesis, forthcoming Turbo Grafix 16 use of CD technology, and of course Super Mario 3…
Also keep an eye out for Nintendo hero Howard Phillips!"

I also saw it on, who wrote; " has posted a video of a local news station doing a report about the 1990 CES show. Pay special attention to the way the narrator says “Mario”. Wow, back in 1990 it looked like Nintendo could not be beaten. Every new product in this video fell to the power of Nintendo (though the Genesis was a very strong rival). Can Nintendo regain this golden child image that it once had? Time will tell I suppose. For now sit back and enjoy some sweet Howard Philips Bow-Tie action."

That Howard sure was popular, does seem like a nice guy, I wonder where he is now. Check out the full post from, here, and check out the full post from, here.

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