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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Splinter Cell Double Agent Wii 'Hands On'

(vid via doublespy)

I found this earlier today on, that thread contained a couple of links one to the above video and one to an article, and by now other blogs have posted it but like I said Neogaf is where I first saw it, believe.

Ok, how about that video, it was cool to see the picture in picture, the person controlling the game didn't seem to have any problems, I liked it. So far I've played every Splinter Cell game on different consoles, the first one on the GameCube (I wanted to take advantage of the GBA connectivity), the second one on PS2, and the third one Chaos Theory is sitting over there waiting to be played on my Xbox.

Which system will I played Double Agent on? Not sure but since it seems to control well on the Wii, that console will be an option, always nice to have options.

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