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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Video Games in development; ICO & Shadow of the Colossus

First video is; ICO's demo reel.

(vid via xenogigas)

Second video is; Shadow of the Colossus tech demo.

(vid via ShadowRaven)

The first video is "Ico in it's original form for the Playstation. The game was then delayed and retooled for the PS2." According to the person who added it to YouTube. There is an entry in Wikipedia, which gives more detail on the video and game.

The second video is "the full Nico trailer. Nico was originally a sequel to the game Ico. But it was later changed and became the game Shadow of the Colossus." According to the person who added it to YouTube. I found an entry for Shadow of the Colossus in Wikipedia, that offers a slightly different explanation of what the second video is. I like it regardless.

Hope you like these two videos as much as I did.

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