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Monday, October 09, 2006

Tony Hawks Downhill Jam Wii Gameplay Walkthrough

How fun does this look? This game is going to rock! Whoever is playing makes it look so easy but then again it's probably a developer who's had their hands on it for month's. Still that doesn't bother me, one of the reasons I play video games is for the challenge, each game is different.

The game I am "Now Playing" which you can find on the right over there, is completely different from the game I just finished Ghost Recon 2, and both those games are nothing like the game I'm playing on my DS LG, what game? It's the second one from the top under "Now Playing", sorry I always seem to go off topic.

Tony Hawks Downhill Jam, final word is wii like, wii like very much, heh heh heh, get used to it.

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