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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Legend of Zelda (Wii) - Zelda Retrospective Part 3

This feature is doing is so great, really hits the spot. Wasn't too long ago that when life got me down I'd head for a donut shop, now I get comfort from video games, playing them and in this case watching them. I didn't know how far they were going after part one, but it seems we are in for a part 4 and maybe more? *crosses his fingers*

Btw, at the time of this posting this video has been everywhere but I first saw it at the source,, it's the first thing I do when I start my day, used to be turn on the TV, now it's turn on the PC and check the usual suspect for sweet vids. I just haven't had time to post it until now, hopefully my personal stormclouds will pass soon and I can slip back into my own private video game world that I share with you all.

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