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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Documentary; First Person Shooter

(via submitted by thriLLceLL)

Here is some info I found next to the video;

" This video was made the father of a professional gamer a few years back. He didn't like the fact that his son played video games for all hours on end, so he made a documentary.. Ps: after this video was released they didn't talk for a few months"

I also got some info from the comments on digg;

"The professional gamer would be Griffin "shaGuar" Benger. He currently travels the world to play Counter-Strike professionally.

Team website:"

Very interesting, I'm not a dad, so I can only imagine what it's like. I like the way this father communicated his concerns, very well done. Many questions where asked and I don't have the answers, but it made me think, which is always good.

When I first saw how long it was I thought, I'll just catch the first few minutes then if it's good I'll bookmark it and get back to it later. Once I started watching I just kept going, very well done, oh I already said that.

Well that's 'cause it is. Final word, this video is good, video games rule!!

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