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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Killzone Animated Flip book

This is awesome the person who added this to wrote;

"Flip book?!! That's right! Hi-tech meets old school.

Instead of a Fan Movie, I adapted the preview trailer of Killzone 2 for the Playstation 3 (first shown at E3 2005) into a Dragonfly Game Flipz™ - Animated Story Flip Book, a new, innovative book format.

I've been working on Dragonfly Flipz™ for some time, now and would like to get feedback from you game fans. I plan to post more Game Flipz™ for other games soon. I'd also like to hear from the game creators, artists, management types, and book or magazine publishers. I love to have this books mass produced, but for now it is a Concept Demo and not for sale. If you like it, send it to friends and Sony, etc. I plan to send a copy to Guerrilla Games just for fun.

Thanks for viewing it."

Hey buddy, thanks for making it, good luck. I luv the part where he flips the flip book, this kind of thing keeps me amused for hours. If I ever see this I'm gonna dip into my apple fritter fund and pick one up, it's like E3 schwag, cool.

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