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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pink Sweets Official Cosplay Feature Trailer

Oh my goodness, what lovely angels. Here on Game Break I post video game related videos, this is not a video game related video. What is it? It's an Arcade game related video, the game is called Pink Sweets. Wait a minute, are there not several Arcade games that have been made into video games and video games that were made into Arcade games. Yes, so this video can be here, it's valid.

Examples? Two words, "google it", you see my friend these angels have affected me in a profound way, my purpose in life is more clear than it has ever been before. What is that purpose? I can't reveal that at this time, but it does involve those sweeties in the video, it would of been super hot if they kissed... I like that kinda thing ok. Sometimes I'm too honest, better end this post, right! The post ends... wait for it... ... NOW!

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