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Monday, August 07, 2006

The New DS Lite Crack

(picture via; maxconsole)

Not another one, I posted previously about a crack appearing on the hinge of the DS lite, and how Nintendo agreed to repair the "mostly cosmetic" crack. Well now there is this new crack that is not just cosmetic, it actually can make your DS Lite unplayable. Well I got my DS back from my nephew, what was I thinking when I lent it to him, so with my fat DS in my hand I'll wait, before I switch to the lite side.

(first seen; evil avatar)

I hate to tell you this, but cracks like that don't just happen. Those units had to have been droped. Period.
I have treated my DS lite better than my first born child. My hinge cracked a month after purchasing it with very little play and the console being handled with the untmost care.
The 3 photos seem from the same DS... Only with different lighting, angle, a little PS ...
yeah, thts the same DS... no way are those 3 different ones....
Those DS' have to be different ones as the one in the yellowish glow has a third crack and all the cracks are formed differently, since the cracks differ so much I call into doubt the fact that they've all been treated properly
sorry to say,my 2 kids ds lites have both crack twice in the exact same spot. i monitor the gameplay to insure they are not abusing these games. we have 3 gameboy sp's for years with no trouble with any hinges ,it starts out a hairline crack at the right button. check your ds lites
I recently had a similar crack in my dark blue DS lite (I live in Japan) result in the right side hinge completely breaking off. Though I understand the skepticism, I have never dropped or abused my DS.
I then took it to the electronics store, where the staff told me that this is becoming a common problem in Japan as well. He sent it to Nintendo for repairs, and assured me that it would be covered by the warranty as the broken hinge seems to be a flaw in the device, not the result of misuse.
mine cracked in the exact same spot, but i've been using it since it came out, and it just recently cracked. i didn't drop it when it suddenly broke.
I have the exact same problem, mine looks almost identical to those
My DS has the same thing.

Should I send it to Nintendo?
My daughters DS lite developed a small crack the same as those in the pictures and then the whole right hand hinge broke off completely. Nintendo didn't want to know and claimed they were unaware of any problems with the DS Lite. Rather than pay $70 for a repair with no guarantee it wouldn't happen again, I bought my daughter a new DS in a different colour (just in case the white plastic was weak or something). 15 months later, the same right hinge has broken off the new DS Lite in exactly the same place. Neither has been dropped ever. The inescapable conclusion is the DS Lite is not engineered well enough to perform the function is was supposedly desgined to do. Its a Nintendo fault and I am going to get Nintendo to fix both DS Lites at their expense or they will be facing a lawsuit for a lot more.
HAHA! Oh my goodness. You are all being duped. Those three pictures are the same DS! Focus on the second (the smaller one) It's exactly the same in all three.
Mine has that tiny right crack too. But every time I opened and closed it (apparently the resistance is only in the right side) it stressed the plastic a bit, making the crack bigger and bigger.

'til it broke. My DS is now torn in two and holds together with electric tape.

Never dropped it or anything.

NOA has great customer service, right? WRONG! I just sent in my ds lite with the exact same problem. Get a call back. "Physical damage you dropped it. 108 dollars and we will fix it though." Wouldn't even let me get a word in. Well, it seems I have to go pick up my ds lite, sell it, sell all my games, sell my n64, gamecube, nes, snes game boy, game boy color,gameboy pocket, game boy advance,game boy advamce sp, DS phat, and all the games for them. I will be getting an xbox 360 for my birthday and will tell everyone I can about this little problem. My ds was still under warranty, they send it back with a note saying "This product is no longer under warranty." This ds also had the infamous l crack, which they are now declaring a factory defect. Well guess it's time to get my signs and chains ready for the protest out front of the NOA building. How much chain will I need to lock myself to the front doors?
I have never ever dropped my DS Lite and I have been an unfortunate person to come across both the new crack and the old on my ds's. I got a ds with the old crack sent it back and got a new one, now this one has small cracks around the R button just like in the pic! Would nintendo replace it?
Had the same thing happen to my daughters DS. What seems to happen is inside the hinge is a pivot that is ment to twist freely. For some reason the pivot freezes up and when you try and open the DS, it puts presure on the hinge and it snaps.
My sons DS lite (white) corner broke off I'm sure because of this crack. I called Nintendo and was told I was getting a great deal for the repair cost of 55 bucks. I told him I would never buy a nintendo product again, and then he told me he would repair this for free, one time.
My sons new DS has a "softer" spring, if that makes any sense.
same thing happened to me i took my ds back to wher i bought it but they said it wasnt covered and that nothing could be done so i ignored it hten the crack got bigger and bigger so i seldom played it (meanwhile playing my brothers psp--which is awesome might have to switch)then the next thing i know the whole right corner (wher the holes for the power and charging light are) broke right off. havent played my ds for monthc and you can bet im gonna get it fixed for free.
My son and daughter each have a white DS Lite. My son was sitting next to me playing quietly on the couch when all of a sudden the right hinge falls apart. No dropping, no abuse. I looked at my daughters, and when you open and close the hinge, you can see the thin plastic flexing enormously in that area. IT IS A DESIGN FLAW. Boycott Nintendo until they fess up to this flaw!!!
This CAN happen without dropping/etc the DS. I got a light blue DS lite from Singapore... I left it charging overnight after I bought it and the next day, the hinge has a zig zag-ish crack that goes all the way across.
I'm sorry but the picture are real becuse it happen to my brother's tmwo white ds's in the same place. He also had to pay for the frist one. Then they sent it back with a green little dot on the screen. And now this one is doing the same thing the crack on the right side,and on the lift, and he take very good care of it. My little bro has a black one and it doing fine. For now. AW.
ebay, type in ds clear cases and look for a cheap outter case. It has an extra hinge so its great for broken ds lite hinges. ONLY FOR DS LITE
on the right of my ds top screen the hinge is cracked, and i have a feeling my top sreen might break off. I think i want to take it to gamestop first and ask about what to do.
My DS' right side under the power light and the r button is moderatly damaged and the whole top screen (including the speakers came off the hinge)the left side almoest came off.I only dropped it once. that was when my brother dropped it when he was playing his game.
this is a finishing part to the one above this one...What should i do with it.Sent it to nintendo. take it to gamestop or what.
mine cracked too, i'm an adult treat my stuff with care barely used this system. maybe should go back to my trusty reliable ds fat.
My first DS Lite I dropped and expected it to break and it did. I got the infamous crack on the right hinge.
So I decided to get a new one and low and behold I got another crack in the same freaking spot on the same freaking hinge. Because this was my 2nd Ds Lite I was a lot more careful with it. I even bought a case for it and never played it unless I was on my bed and I still got this dumb crack.
I called Nintendo 2 days ago and the lady says they'll fix it for free but now I called today to make sure and now its gonna cost me $80.
This is a design fault and continually calling them till you get a representative to fix it for free is the way to go
Its because they didn't make the right hand hinge properly.

I had 2 ds lites (first was blue-black, 2nd was black), all with the same problem, except FOR THE black one, because it had a crack on the left side. As im pretty pissed off with Nintendo too much, i didnt bother calling them or sending the lites into eb games.
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