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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Guild Wars Nightfall trailer

1st In-Game Cinematic

(vid via jayfresh)

Going to the Joystiq well again, they covered the new Guild Wars Nightfall trailer. "With Nightfall's pre-release bonus pack just one month away, NCsoft and ArenaNet have released a trailer for the next Guild Wars campaign. The video includes sweeping panoramas of the African-themed landscape where Nightfall takes place, as well as battle footage featuring the new paragon and dervish professions." I actually saw this first on Evil Avatar, but I did'nt check it out, big mistake the footage is amazing. I was going to download it from the link Evil Avatar provided, but decided to check the usual suspects first, boom there it was, and now it's here, embedding rocks!

I found some new GW Nightfall wallpapers too
I found some new GW Nightfall wallpapers too
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