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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Dead Rising Crashing On Xbox 360 ?

Too Intensive For Xbox 360?

(vid via Valkendorm)

Over at MAXCONSOLE there is a post, it reads "Dead Rising is crashing for some gamers, there's a few reports of freezes at Arstechnica amongst other forum boards we're sure." Well I don't want to start any rumors but on July 16 I posted a picture from MAXCONSOLE, that photo of a cracked hinge eventual led to Nintendo announcing on July 21 they would repair the problem for free. Hopefully this issue will be resolved just as quickly, a picture is worth a thousand words, but I'll take video over photos anyday.

I've had it crash twice. Both times Frank was in the air when I crossed over a loading point. The game tried to load the next part of the mall, froze than the "Clean your Disc" error messsage came up.
Dead Rising killed my xbox360! I was winding down from a bad day at work/life, and the game froze as I was hitting a zombie with a 2*4. No big deal, it's happend before, I just restarted it, and then it froze at before the dashboard could show. After unplugging the power cord and lettin it rest, I decided to take off the hard drive and all controllers, and then started it up, no luck, still froze. When I put the hard drive back in and tried, I got three red lights, which according to Microsoft technical assistance, means there is internal damage and the system needs to be repaired...
Playing Dead Rising, game freezes, shut down console, powered it back on, no ring of light, no picture, controllers wont connect.
Called support, had me fiddle with all the connections, nothing worked, said to send it back, warranty expired, $130 to fix. Sucks.

F'ing thing lasted less than a year. Can't do a thing about it.
Killed mine. 8 months and no problems untill I got the demo. It played great several times then it started locking up. Eventually, all my games started locking up. I bought the retail game a few day later and put it in. It locked up after 5mins. I turned it back on and got the "red lights of death". Seems a little fish that this is happening to others.
I mean fishy :)
Yup same happend to my 360, 8month old and one week of playing the retail copy of dead rising and my box is dead, I had to call ms four times cause I was out of warentee... long story short ask for the discression discount of 75% off the 130 bucks,,, they can and will do it if you call multiple times..
3 lights $130 after playing dead rising never had a problem before. I made sure the system had plenty of air. How do I get a discount I shouln't have to pay that much for something thagt wasn't my fault.
Played DR to death. Now my 360 is dead. 3 lights, freezes like everyone else. God bless Gamestop equipment replacement program! Going to get a new one today.

I'm going to trade in Dead Rising too because I'm never playing it again.
Somebody please help!!!! I played dead rising for about 8 hours straight day after day and never had any issues. Until recently I was playing dead rising, and the graphics started looking really horible and ps2 like. I figured, hey nothings perfect maybe i played for too long or something. So i saved the game and turned off my Xbox 360. 3 days later I come back turn on my 360 pop in dead rising and bam, when i got to the start menu it locked up on me, I figured its one of those once a month things so I turned off my 360 and right at the moment my friend calls, "Lets play Halo" so I pop in my halo and bam it froze 5 seconds after I put the disc in. As I kept restarting my 360 it kept freezing sooner and sooner, until it got to the point where it would instantly freeze or I get 3 flashing red lights. Now my 360 does not boot up and i always get 3 flashing red lights. I called Msoft support and they say its a coincidence that my 360 broke and that its not related to dead rising (complete BS!!!) and that i have to pay $139 to get it repaired becus its out of warranty. Does anyone else have the same issue??? Now im trying to contact Capcom and tell them they owe me a 360!!!! Either that or pay to fix it, im really disappointed the way that Capcom and Microsoft has responded to this, what about the people that bought thier 360 at launch (like me) and didnt buy an extended warranty. U just going to leave us out in the cold? As if everything is ok? Its not my fault Capcom did a half @$$ job programming their game! Why should I have to pay for something that stupid capcom is responsible for??? There should be a recall!!! Otherwise that Ps3 is looking to replace all my Microsoft Crap.
Got my 360 launch day, and except for some overheating with old Xbox games, haven't had a problem. I put in Dead rising now, and my box freezes within 10 minutes at the outside. I hope this isn't the norm for the new games coming out. If it's still a problem when Gears Of War comes out, I'm going to be pissed. I'm going to ship the box back to M$ if so. Probably will ship it back anyway.
Same thing here. Every other game/demo worked fine but Dead Rising killed it. I phoned support and like everyone else I told it's a hardware problem which is completely unrelated to the game, please pay $168.00 (Can) and shipping… After being on the phone for an hour the best they could do was to give a 25% discount on the cost of repairs. I told them I’d think about and then filed a complaint against Microsoft with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). I hope everyone who’s had this kind of problem does the same. I don’t know if my complaint will make a difference but if everyone who’s had this type of problem filed a complaint then maybe Microsoft will take notice (well, after the media does anyway). Please don’t just pay, they designed/manufacturer a defective device and should be incur the cost of fixing it.

To the ones whose Xbox 360 still work I would suggest to get the extended warranty/protection now. I thought I was smart waiting till February to buy my Xbox 360. Everything worked fine and I thought that it was just the one’s who got the launch systems that had problems. But we’re not even a year into the system’s life and game are already being made that push the borderline Xbox360’s over their limits. Just wait a couple of years when games come out that will push the Xbox360 to its max. First generation Xbox360 will be dropping like flies, and being well out of warranty it’ll all just be a coincidence that they died…
Why does evryone act like it's your fault if Dead Rising or your 360 fails to work? I took off from school today because i got paid and had enough money to buy Dead Rising. I get home and pop in Dead Rising and the game freezes after asking me to create game data and i go to the option screen. Afterwards I try to turn on the game and I get blinking red lights. I then put in anothe game and it still doesn't work. After awhile of frustration the game finally boots up. Will I face future problems? Ihope not because I'm out of warranty.
My 360 works fine with dead rising and all the other games, the worst I've ever had was 1 red light. Though a friend who had a launch 360 has 'the 3 lights of doom'.
It must be because MS improved the hardware after launch, and capcom pushed it to the very limit. So for those with a lauch 360 ur buggered if u try and play dead rising!!!
i have had my 360 for a little over 3 months, that means the warranty is expired, and my xbox has been running just fine, i even played oblivion nonstop for about a month and i heard that that game is supposed to put the 360 to the limit too, but i had no problems. and it all started when i got the dead rising demo, the demo would function fine, but after i played it for the first time, all of my other games started freezing, i didnt link that to dead rising until later on, after i bought the full version, i played it on my friends xbox first and it worked fine, no problems at all, and he hasnt had problems with other games either, but when i got home and put it into my 360, it froze in 5 minutes, so i just restarted it, no big deal, it happened again, restart, now i got the ring of death, 3 red lights. i restarted my xbox and tried again, it worked okay for 15 minutes until it happened again, it has gotten increasingly worse until now it wont even boot up the dashboard, just 3 red lights.

Ps, the color of my harddrive is dull gray and my friend bought his xbox at the same store and his harddrive is dark and shiny gray, could anyone tell me why its different?
Listen to this load of bullshit.
I got 360 at launch, had it for a good 6 months no problems, then boom red lights come on. So i send it in wait a couple weeks and i get a new one. Play Dead Rising for 3 days then what a surprise crash again. So I Sent it in again waited a couple more weeks and put in dead rising and what do you know it crashes Again. Who knows if its the game, I would much rather blame microsoft for trying to push out a piece of shit system well before it was ready. FUCK YOU MICROSOFT.
Yea i have the same problem only that i dont have Dead Rising. So a couple weeks ago i was playing fifa world cup and then when the game ended it froze i thought it was because i played for too long but after playing another game a week after it froze again so i turned it off. Two weeks ago i went out and bought madden 07 and the last couple of days it kept freezing untill the three damn light came out after a day i turned it back on and it played for like 5 days until yesterday the three fuckin light are on again.I dont know what to do I bought my 360 on June 22nd and now it September 24 my waranty just espired. I havent called Microsoft yet but i think thats what im gonna do.
Hey Buddie, make sure that your xbox 360 power supply is connected directly to the wall...
everyone that has a problem.. can you post when your xbox was made... mine was made jan 2006.. i think if we get enough ppl having the same problem maybe we can petition and m$ will have to do somehting about it.. i'm not gonna pay 140 to get something that is their fault..
has anyone had trouble playing Fifa 2006, I have just sold that game on ebay, there was no problem playing it on my xbox 360 but buyer reports that his 360 keeps locking up, I have told him that there is nothing wrong with the game, now he thinks I'm trying to rip him off. could it be a problem with his console, he reports that the game stops at different parts of the game play, to me this also proves that's its a problem with his console or if it was a damaged disc then it would stop at the same time.
Yep, me too. Luckilly my 360 is still under warranty and they are sending a box for repair, but I've had NO problems at all with the machine until 10 minutes after I started playing DEAD RISING.

How horrible. I got my machine in December. Any clues yet if this is a problem that happens more on OLDER machines? (If you count last November's release as "old"?)
I had excactly the same thing as a lot of you except it was when i downloaded the fifa 07 demo. I downloaded the demo on the 12th October and went to play it, but as it was loading up it froze so i thought oh it's nothing so i turned it on again and it did the same thing but a bit sooner, i turned it off and on again about 20 times and it got shorter and shorter until it wouldn't even go to the dashboard and eventually just show me the dreaded 3 red lights. Luckily my warranty lasts a year so i sent it in to be repaired but when i get it back i'm not getting fifa or dead rising.
lol i wuz downloading the dead rising demo from xbox live and playing fullauto for about 5 minutes and it shut down automatically and the ring of death came on. turned it off nothing happend still the devilish 3 red lights. unplugged n tried again still. called microsoft and they told me to unplug ALL cables and i did. then it worked. lol. if it does this again im taking it back but at night when i sleep the 3 red lights haunt me in my dreams.
"Ps, the color of my harddrive is dull gray and my friend bought his xbox at the same store and his harddrive is dark and shiny gray, could anyone tell me why its different?"

One of you had a Core system, the other a Premium.
I think all of you is full of bullshit. I've had my 360 at launch with no problems at all. One thing I've notice, it froze on me twice if I have it in a horizontal positon. I put it back in vertical, and no problems since. I think some of you all just posting some bullshit about games killing 360's.
There is only one weapon you need for all boss fights (even the convicts and Carlito) and any other puropses during the entire game. The katana. Go to the central plaza (where you first encounter the zombies) and head up the stairs to the second story. Find the antique weapons shop and load up with as many as you can carry. Go up to any boss (or regular zombie) and WACHIKK! they die instantly (although bosses may take around three). Its fast, strong, and sharp. All you hear about getting guns and taking cover is B.S. The katana is much easier to use and find. It is by far the best weapon in the game for speed and damage (carnage too!).
P.S. The game doesent make the system crash. Thats just retarded. The problem is with the system.
Dudes mine is acting strange it makes really annoying high pitched noises and sounds like its struggling to load the games, and it is scratching my discs around the center of them, oh and i was wondering if the Nyko intercooler was worth getting. One more thing can you just eject the disc while the game is playing or do you have to go to the dashboard and the eject OR do you just have to switch it off completely then take the disc out. Help me please!
Well, my 360 has also been making high pitched noises and now just failed on me. Waiting to hear from Microsoft.
My 360 got pissed at my rented disk, apparently it broke it, or at least the new games I got for christmas, so the 360 ate the disk. Oh well, I dont really like the game

However now, I cant play chromehounds
I cant go to the garage, or participate in squad rendevous without it giving me the clean your disk message

In the past 6 times going to garage, it has failed to load it 5 times, doesnt load rendevous matches. Not risking messing with my other discs

The warranty starts 50 days after I bought it, so pretty soon I am going break it and get a new one from microcenter(bought it Thanksgiving)

Thank god, my Gears of war disk still works, cause its fine. I think any games that you put in after dead rising you will have problems with. Or, at least, I hope thats how I work
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yeah my 360 crached playing call of duty 3 and now theres three red flaching light and four flashing light its so effing gay it wont work and i wanted to play p8 (project 8) and the thing has the lights and i did every thing like taking it apart and it worked once and did the same damn thing it is fing stupid and it pissing me of and i have called ms yet but when i do they will fix it for free
please help, i forgot when i got my 360 but when i start it up and play Dead Rising it plays good then when the game is still starting it goes black and a side bar comes out then goes back in, if i let my 360 cool a little and play it it gets to the menu of DR then when it loads a message comes up saying to clean the disk
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