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Monday, January 15, 2007

Amanda Mackay at CES 2007; PC Gaming

Yes yes yes, Amanda Mackay rocks my world. I had a bunch of posts lined up for today but then one video was not available anymore which led to me spending to much time trying to find an alt version that might work, no dice.

My time these days for blogging is a bit limited, personal BS that just won't flush. I got a big plunger and it still won't flush. It's all good, I feel great and I know I'm going to get back to what was so much fun, hunting down cool game videos to post and have fun with.

So just a couple of post today, with a nice female theme going on. I sure do like them always have always will. Finished Resident Evil 4 it was sweet, now I'm playing Pikman 2, really looking forward to exploring that world again. I'll update the links on the right later. I need some sleep, peace.

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