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Monday, November 06, 2006

Legend of Zelda (Wii) - Zelda Retrospective Part 4

I'm a wii bit late posting this one, sorry. As I said about the videos in my first two posts this video by now has been everywhere. I honestly first saw this at the source, I went there and it was hot of the presses still had the nice and fresh "New" stamp on it, but for personal reasons I couldn't post it 'till now.

What are these personal issues? Well I'm not good at displaying emotions in public, I don't mind acting crazy or confessing my luv for just about every hot gamer girl out there, but honest feelings are hard to talk about. Even now confession that I felt a little swell in the corner of my eye.

I picked up Brain Age recently, I'll update "Now Playing" later, it's fun. Just between you and me, I like Sudoku. I'm probably not playing it the way your suppose too, but whatever it is I'm doing, I like it.

That's all I got.

[via Gametrailers]

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