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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories requires 2.81... o ryl?

(vid via thatpspguy)

Cool vid, very clever. Here is some info provided with this video on Youtube, time to cut and paste; "Grand Theft Aut's Vice City Stories playing on a 2.71 PSP. I achieved this feat by performing the old "BAIT & SWITCH" manuver. You have to time it just right. As the psp screen comes up when it turns all white after the colors go across, that is the time to switch the UMD's. It might take two or three tries but You will eventually get it to work. This is a Non-Homebrew way of doing it. I support homebrew and the open source paradigm. Only through openess can we achieve it all!!!!"

When I saw this video I knew I wanted to post it, based on it's being such a neat vid, but I found a post on, about how to do this in another way. To check out that method click on through.

Oh btw if you go to the "vid via" link you'll see another video that further illustrates this video method as being a real and valid one, it seems to be addressed to one person in particular, that's a neat video too. That's all I got.

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