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Sunday, October 01, 2006

New Game For the Wii Revealed; Rockstar Games Presents Paddle Ball

This video is secret footage of one of the developers testing how the Paddle Ball concept could work on the Wii, lets watch;

(vid via pancakemastr)

I'm sure you all realize that this news is not real. This post is something I'm going to call "Silly Game Sunday", which I'll again when or if I ever come up with another silly game idea.

I got the idea for Silly Game Sunday from Destructoid, they have a regular feature called "Fake Game Friday". It's well done, very entertaining, the most recent one by Fronz can be found here.

Pretty good music in the video huh? A video game even makes an appearance towards the end, so it seemed perfect for this post.

Why did I choose Rockstar? Just felt like it would sound the silliest. Am I a fan of Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis? ... .... ... I'd rather not say :)

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