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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Lego Does Spider Man

What can I say, fantastic, well done, funny, clever, brilliant, I'm gonna see it again and again. Hey Walter! Yeah. What's this have to do with video games?

Well my friend, has Spider Man not been in several video games? Yes. Has not Lego been in video games recently? Yes. Is there not just one Popeye? What! Heh heh sorry.

I had to post this here, thought maybe I would put it on my third blog, which you can find on the right under "My KinFolk", but then I used my fuzzy logic and found a way to post it here.

Well I'm off to the bridge. Walter? Yes. What bridge? Oh sorry every time I mention logic I think of Star Trek. No I mean we no bridge, just a tower. No bridge? Nope. Why the heck aren't I notified about these things.

That's from Airplane 2, I know he used the "h" word in the movie but I'm not going to, bad enough me using that cheeky title, hope my mom don't see it. Love you Mom.

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