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Friday, October 06, 2006

L.A. Noire Debut Trailer

What did you think about that trailer Walter? Meh, I hope I'm using the right. I'm just trying to say I don't get it. We all new this trailer was coming they announced via that teaser, and I waited for it starting midnight and most of yesterday since it was due on the 5th, yes that's right I have no life, I was looking forward to it.

At some point I gave up, then yesterday evening I'm checking the usual suspects for something to post and I see the trailer, I also see that it's been up for a couple of hours.

I figured everyone's got it up and I blew my chance to post it first, as it turns out nobody had it up. Some sites I like have it up now with some positive things to say about it but since this is a bit of a 'meh' post I won't name them 'cause I'm not saying they are wrong I'm just saying I me myself don't get it.

It's accurate, from the music to the fashion, it's all just the way it was, how do I know? 'Cause I was Humphrey Bogart in a prior life. Don't believe me, well listened to this, "Say you guys" "Say YOU guy" "Say" "Say you guys" "Say", huh? See how about that?

Ok back to my, I guess you would call this a rant, is that what the kids say these days rant, anyway, where is the gameplay? Is this some kind of "target" video, something the game makers will hope the final game looks like?

I like the premise the time period and I'm a big fan of Noir Films so I'm going to keep following this one, but for right now the final word is meh.

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